Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kelsie's Wish List...*updated*

We all have them...A list of dream items that we want or we believe could be very beneficial to have around...I like everyone has a super extravagant "Please Santa" list which includes things like a Pink Chanel Purse (look this one is on sale for 50% off ), A nutritionist/personal trainer to help me take my post baby body to a size 2 like all the Hollywood hot momma's...but these are just fleeting pipe dreams and honestly not true WANTS...

My true wish list is much more practical and definitely less girlie...

1: A wood-chipper/mulcher, so we can begin seriously clearing some of this cherry laurel off of the property...I would need a pretty heavy duty one to get thru the amount of work it has to do...the added benefit would be all the lovely mulch I would have for my garden without having to pay for it...This item would pay for it's self many times over I keep telling hubby.

2: A couple of Rotating Barrel Composers....This is really because I am too lazy to want to go out and turn over a compost pile with a pitch folk...But I figure if I had a couple or even one of these babies I could cook my own compost for my square-foot organic veggie gardens.

3: The materials to build my square foot garden beds and get started growing a fall crop...though more likely I will have to wait for spring to do it :(

4: Complete Canning Kit so I can put up and store all the delish veggies and pears that I grow...

SIDE NOTE: Froze my first batch of pears today...Will see how they turn out before I do more using the peel-cut-freeze method.

5: A Dust-buster...I have a 2yr old, need I say more lol.

6: Ok, so this is more a need to replace these things - Large Crockpot - George Forman Grill - Fry Daddy.

7: A nanny - so I have time to play with all the toys listed above lol.

What is on your less than girlie wish list?


PS: Thnx to Becca for reminding me, I also need a food processor...I found the best recipe for sausage rolls but I do need a food processor to get the required texture for the meat...but flavors are spot on...*happy dance*

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Green Tea Ginger Ale...

With the children sick this week there has not been much time to do much in the sense of tea...Except for gulp it or my coffee down...So no pretty photos of teapots or teacups this week, but I did discover something tea related I wanted to share.

This is not a new product but it is new to me...
Thank you to my local Winn Dixie for stocking it.

Growing up my grandmother made the BEST ginger ale or "ginger beer" as we called it in was always a highlight of summer to sip an ice cold home made ginger beer at Nan's house...That and her apricot jam *drooling*...but I digress...

So anyway, having been spoilt by this delish concoction as a child, as an adult I always on the look out to find a good flavored ginger ale to compare with my childhood memory...That was until this past week because I think I found it.

Most weeks I shop at Walmart because of convenience but this week neither me nor hubby wanted to deal with the hustle and bustle and opted to visit Winn Dixie for the grocieries instead...Sometimes shopping in peace and quiet is worth those extra few cents you pay for a couple of produces...though I do avoid buying my paper goods or cleaning products there as they are sometimes a couple of dollars more...So it is just a matter of knowing the prices of your products before you go.

Hmmm again digressing....oops

Now time to hit the soda aisle for hubby to stock up on his cola for the week...I try to avoid soda because I do not need those extra calories...But as a treat I do like a little glass of Canadian Dry now and again since it is the closest I have found to my Grandmothers...As I walk down the aisle hoping that the CD is not priced thru the nose I am delighted to find it on sale 10 for $10...Oh happy days (no I did not buy ten bottles lol)...then I notice all the flavors of Ginger Ale they carry...To treat my big daughter since she has been sick, I picked her up some Cranberry Ginger Ale...It just sounded yummy...and it was...But as I am turning away from the shelf out of the corner of my eye the words "GREEN TEA" catches my eye...It was a wonderful moment...It just sounds good, ginger and green tea...So I snatch up a bottle to try.

I know many of you are heading into colder weather, but I do encourage you to try this delish flavored drink...It really does not taste like a soda, it has a lovely lightness about it and must be the most refreshing thing to ever past thru my lips...and leaves the most delightful refreshing after taste..

This BTW is coming from a person that can not stand drinking Sweet-Tea (Iced Tea)....I was raised on real tea, the kind from a pot that you add milk and sugar....Cold tea is just WRONG. lol

Anyway, I popped back to the store yesterday just to pick up another bottle of this liquid loveliness...Unfortunately I think I am becoming quickly addicted.


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Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Tweedle Boys...I think??

I took this video to share on the forum to try and establish once and for all, the questionable sex of Tweedle Dum...

Tweedle Dee has a very defined "Drake Tail" so we know he is a boy, but Dum has nothing more than a single feather sticking up a little and no curl to it...The other way to tell the sex I was told, is the females are much louder than the males...Imagine that lol.

SO anyway, thus far the consensus is both male....
But either way I thought yall might enjoy seeing the Tweedles live action video.

Notice Master Bravo and the girls had to mussel in on the action too...I think they were worried the ducks might get some food...haha, I fooled them.

Sick Babies...

Oh how quickly the sun comes up when you have only managed to catch a couple of hours of sleep...The big daughter is still sick..Her Doctor said it is a virus going around and all we can do is treat the symptoms and ride it out *sigh*...Poor kid had an interview on Friday that we had to reschedule till Monday.

She is being brave and trying so hard to still help out around here...Especially since Lil Sara has caught this bug also and is now congested and hacking again...I spend most of the night up with her...OMG at 1am I gave her a dose of Benedryl and a breathing treatment and they sent her into Hyperdrive...She literally had us is stitches watching her singing and dancing and all at 100miles an hour...It was like watching a movie in FW...The effect was short lived thank goodness and she crashed by 2am, allowing me to get a couple of hours sleep before her 6am treatment.

Since the bug is so catchy I am going to stay home from Church with the girls, no point in infecting anyone else...Will have to play the rest of this week by ear also...We are supposed to be heading down to Orlando this week for a college campus tour but obviously if Sara is sick I will not be able to go...Hopefully at the very least, Mic will be well enough for it....The Doctor did say it last about a week...Then of course we have the Daycare question...SO much for starting 2days a week this week.

Anyway enough of my moaning...Please keep us in your prayers that my babies will get over this ickiness.


Friday, September 24, 2010

Pondering Daycare...

I has been almost 2 months now since Sara started daycare one day a week.

The idea being giving her a place to socialize with other children and help her get past her clinginess to me...I can not even leave her in the living room with her father or sister so I can shower without much screaming and gnashing of teeth.

Also to give me one day a week to myself to work at my doll business without interruptions.

Well she is getting the benefit of the socialization with other children (and adult workers) and that is great, but it is taking her awhile to settling in to being dropped off since it is only one day a week...and is even harder when she has been sick and has skipped a week all together.

Of course being the over protective parents that we are, we worry about how she does through-out the day...yesterday afternoon when we went to collect her, the children were outside playing and since we did not want to interrupt her "outside" time, we took the opportunity to sit off to the side in a separate play area and observe her from afar...I am pleased to say she was having fun with both the carers and the other children...

But it did seem she was more comfortable with the adults than the children and I could not help but wonder if she would maybe bond better with the other children if she was at the daycare more often...I expressed this thought to David and he agreed that it certainly would be something worth exploring..

Plus the fact that so far the one day a week has in no way afforded me time to spend "working" because we end up using the time to do what needs to be done around the property and NONE of my Sara free time so far has been spent in my studio...and lets face it, in our current economy I can not afford to see my once profitable business simply slip thru my fingers..

Sooooo, starting next week we are going to see how two days a week at Daycare works for the entire family....This is a big step for me as I really do not like the idea of a child being "raised" by the daycare system, but with no cousins in the area to socialize with or Grandparents close enough to help with these separation issues, I am not sure we have a choice but to try this...and it is not like I will be dropping her off at 6am and leaving her there until 6 in the evening...It is just a few hours, a couple times a week.

Then of course is the question of cost...can I make enough money sewing doll clothing in just one day to cover (absorb) this extra day each week?...But as I said to David, if it is what is right for Sara then I will just have to do everything I can to make sure we can afford it.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Display Cabinet for the Dining Room

The cabinet might look familiar to some of you...It is my 3rd "Doll Cabinet" that was not in use here in the new house...I had thought I was going to put it in the guest room for my porcelain/china dolls but then inspiration hit....Since it could be awhile before I can afford the corner display curio of my dreams for the Dining room, why not make use of what I already have.

This "display cabinet" was created using a white press board bookcase, I added Plexiglas framed with simple household trim from the hardware store as a "glass door" on the top part of the shelves and created a curtain for the bottom for storage...I made all 3 units about 4yrs ago as a way to keep little fingers off of my dolls...Now it works for my china too

Now I can display (hubbies) Granny's lovely tea set (top shelf) and my Grandmothers cats...As a child I had always admired my "Nan's" extensive china cat collection and Pa (Granddad) made sure I got these ones for my 21st Bday...He even signed them underneath from both he and Nan, even though she had been passed away for almost 10yrs when he gifted them to me.

The bottom shelf finally gave me a place to keep my cake servers as well as allowed lovely Jo to escape the doll studio and be displayed for all to enjoy the artistry of Joe Tai her creator and the skills of Gin-O whom created her lovely gown.

As you can see the cabinet fits quite nicely in this corner and gives the dining area a lovely homy feeling now instead of it being a stark area of the house...Behind the curtains at the bottom I have ample convenient storage for my cook books...The hat boxes above I just love...The one with pink roses was found in an antique store at the same time as the vintage pink gloves (second shelf)...For the moment both hat boxes hold additional outfits for my 12inch dolls, but in time I hope to fill them with lovely antique napkins and gloves.

Anyway that was my little quickie project for the week...I am so pleased with the effect.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dawn of a new day....

The sun rises over the pasture, the heron take to the sky, while the fattening bully calves call softly to each other in the foggy mist that rolls across the landscape on this cool autumn morn.

I love moments like this...I have snuck out of bed before the children are awake and all is still and quiet in the house...I took the photo above, just a few moments ago, from the top of our driveway looking across the road...If you click and enlarge the photo you will see the birds in the air and just can make out the backs of a couple of the young calves sticking out of the high grass.

Today promises to be another busy one, so starting it with a little country quiet is good for the soul....Lil Sara is almost finished with her course of Anti-biotic for her Ear/Sinus infection, but last night the big daughter was complaining of a sore throat, so back to the Dr's I go today...We had planned to have Sara at Daycare early and hit the ground running on some of the work around here...Like getting the last few bits out of the Mobile home and get it prepped for painting...Now we will just have to wait and see what time I can get Mic into the Dr's as to whether Sara goes today or tomorrow...Not to mention Mic was supposed to be an extra set of hands today....hmmm wonder if she is faking..Joking.

Well the wee one is now awake and the quiet is interrupted with the pitter patter of her busy little feet and early morning children's programming, so I will leave it there for now...I hope yall are having a wonderful week so far.

Love Kelsie

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Early morning cup of tea

I did not get time to take photos for today's tea parties, so thought I would share (again) my very favorite tea party photograph...

My dear lil Sara having a morning cup of Tea with her Princesses.
Ain't she cute still in her PJ's and hair unbrushed

And this photo just because she looks so cute wearing my bandana...She stole it right off of my head, matches her outfit perfectly...She also looks ready to help mummy tackle today's very long to-do list.

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

From the Work Room

As most of you know I make and sell fashions for collectible fashion dolls. NO, NOT BARBIE...Well not anymore, these days I work with the larger 16 inch dolls...These gorgeous dolls are so much fun and since most of my models are wigged, it allows me to have a great amount of versatility with one doll...Most of the dolls I sew for can come with a pretty high price tag, so finding a model that can pull off a number of looks is super important...The variety of 16 inch fashion dolls available can make your head spin, which is why I stick to just a couple of different dolls that inspire me...

Wigged Out Ellowyne is a 16 inch Vinyl Fashion Doll from Wilde Imagination.

Today I am sharing with you a cute little girl called Ellowyne, for whom I created a fun black and white spotted dress for her with red accents. Ellowyne is usually very bored with all things around her, but this dress seems to brighter her up to the edge of almost excited about being "Spotted Dancing"...

Sybarite Trapeze is a Limited Edition Resin BJD from English Company SuperFrock

Of course I can not post about my dolls without sharing a picture of my lovely Sybarite - Trapeze, the pride of my collection of Models...If you happen to visit the gallery on my website you will notice that Trapeze is the most featured of all my dolls.

If you would like to see more pictures of these fashions or others I have created you can visit my website

Hay Cutting

Hay cutting is one of my favorite times of the year...Well besides the obvious dislike for the dust it creates...Though it is 100 times better than when they are plowing the fields across the road and you see big plumes of black dust floating in the air and covering everything with a thin later of yuck....Plus when they hay cutting is over in just a couple of days...This pic was taken Monday while they did the actual cutting.

It really is quite deceptive how big our property is .... We have a wonderful feeling of open space since there is no other fences to divide our 5acres with the 55acres that border us on the north and west sides. I have marked the small clump of trees that do mark our North/West corner...The small fence you are seeing is the one we put up to contain Sara and is just 36 feet from our back door.

Sara watching them doing the actual bailing on Wednesday...Unfortunately I did not get a photo of the "fluffer" but Sara had a blast watching the "Twakers" at work and waving back to the guys every time they passed close to the house...As you can see when they are cutting the 55acres, they cut our back 2.5acres...It is a wonderful arrangement, we get free "lawn mowing" and they get a couple of extra bails of hay.

To truly appreciate this photo you need to click and enlarge it...Taken again from inside "Sara's Yard" you get a wonderful view of acres and acres of rolling green fields dotted with hay bails...There is something so perfectly country romantic about this view, especially as the sun is setting behind them....I wish yall could be here to enjoy it with us...Though the days are growing shorter, the late afternoon and early evening are FINALLY growing a little cooler, and so begins my favorite time of year in Florida.


Monday, September 13, 2010

Tea Set from Great Grandma

This lovely Tea set was gifted to lil Sara for her first Christmas when she was just 6 months old...It had originally belonged to her Great Grandmother "Granny" whom sadly passed away a couple of yrs before she was born...Sara is the first girl child born on my husbands side of the family in 60+ yrs so it was a very big deal for her to receive this tea set.

The tiny little tea pot is just too cute for words...I can't wait for her to be old enough for us to use it...In the meantime it is kept safely tucked away...At least until I find just the right china cabinet for my dining room and then it will get displayed.

The sugar bowl and milk jug are super tiny also...It is a very thin delicate feeling china...I love the plate has plenty of room to pile up some yummy tea party goodies beside your cup...Oh come on, let's face it ladies, even though we are having "proper tea" let's not pretend we don't like those DELISH scrumptious eats that go with it *wink*

Under the plates I found this stamp and honestly I am quite the novice when it comes to china...I know what I find pretty and that is about it...though I do hope to learn more from many of you bloggers out there that collect the finest china there is to sip from.

When first seeing this set, I thought it was a "Tea for One" set because it stacks...But seems I was wrong, today when unpacking the entire set for the first time since receiving it, I discovered 3 cup and plate sets to go with it...Even if I did think I was one cup short during the entire photoshoot, hence displaying the "extra plate" behind the rest of the set...But when returning the pieces to the box I discovered the missing cup...oops

As I said, I do not know much about china, but I do know that these corset shaped cups are my favorite...Probably because when you think of "High Tea" this is the cup that springs to mind.

Regards Kelsie

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Making use of those collectible souvenir pins.

Ever wondered what to do with those souvenir pins you (or your children if you visit Disney) collect while on vacation?

They are a lovely little keepsake of your travels or in the case of the Disney pins, a fun collectible...But once you are home, lets face it, you are not going to wear them, so they will end up tossed in a draw or jewelry box forgot.

Well I am currently on a de-cluttering of our lives kick and have a use it or lose it philosophy...Now my eldest daughter has been collecting these pins for 10yrs now and has both Disney and regular souvenir pins.

Today I am sharing her "Alice" pins, which have been a challenge to find due to the newest movie being released as I have mentioned in a previous post.

These came as a set of two...I was silly enough to put back the Tweedles during one visit and sadly could not find them on our return...oops...Maybe next time.

This one is super cute because the cup rocks back and forth...No wonder poor Alice has that look on her face....This pin is rather large so has a double post in back.

I know I have not answered my own question yet...What to do with these things once you are home? If you turn them over and look at the back they are exactly what the name implies..A PIN...They do come with little stopper things on the back so they can be pinned to fabric or clothing...But this is what they look like once you remove the back thingie....hmmmmm

What lovely and fun push-pins (thumb tacs) they make for a message board...Daughter only wants to use her Alice pins for her board but you could use any kind you like...I am thinking next visit to Downtown Disney I am going to be looking for some pins to go on my kitchen message board...Tink maybe *wink*

Happy Monday

Sunday, September 12, 2010

While the baby sleeps, let's take a walk in the garden...

Both lil Sara and myself awoke this morning with a case of allergies...I popped a couple of antihistamines early knowing they would kick in in time for me to get ready for church with a somewhat clear head...Oh but poor lil Sara was just miserable and nose would not stop running, so I relented and gave her some of her own allergy meds...Now this is a 50/50 bet as to if it will but her to sleep or make her hyper...neither a good option for going to church, but I just could not let her suffer any longer...Within minutes she is looking better and in a much better mood..

So off to the closet us girls head to get ready for church...She chooses her "Princess Dress" and promptly stripes herself off in excited anticipation of wearing her FAVORITE dress...and though I usually prefer to dress her last minute to ensure we avoid any toddler dirt mishaps I can not resist that cute excited face...As soon as the dress is on, she runs to her crib (which is in the master bedroom as she does not always sleep thru and for when she requires breathing treatments throughout the night)...well anyway she loves to play in the crib, I think she is imagining she is SnowWhite or SleepingBeauty because a pretty dress will spark the want to do this...So I head back into the closet to get my own clothes...I am gone just seconds but when I step back out into the bedroom I can hear the soft sound of her snoring...not her pretend snoring which is very loud but the sound of a baby sleeping soundly...*sigh* well I guess I am having a quiet morning at home today....

So while she is sleeping I thought I would share some images of the new front garden now we have added the mulch and it actually looks like a garden.

Taken from the has been awhile since I shared this view with you...You probably need to click and enlarge the image to actually see the garden here...I am still dreaming of the day we can afford to add the porch railing and the white picket fence.

Side view of the garden, it should not take to long for the shrubs to spread out...We will also be adding a pathway to the front steps from this spot, as eventually this will be where the garden gate will go...Once we have laid out the path, then David will be able to plant the lawn seed and we will be rid of the lovely white builders sand...Oh how I will miss sweeping this out of my house a dozen times a day lol.

A little close up of the corner under the master bedroom window...As you can see my cherub has found a home...I also added a Sheppard's hook and hanging plant...this seems to be enough to deter my lazy old dog from stepping off of the porch into the garden and digging her a nice "sleeping hole"...You can see in the other photos we added wire garden "fencing" to keep her and the ducks out also.

This is the view from the porch...I also have a Mosquito plant on the porch and yesterday transplanted two small rosemary cuttings into pots now they have developed roots from being in water.

The pots either side of the front steps are doing well...You can also see the vincas I transplanted from the old garden have taken well to their new home...Not bad for volunteers that were being strangled by grass before I moved them.

I always love when you get a colorful surprise from your flowers...Did not expect to see any orange marigolds since I had purchased a pot of yellows.

Well that is our humble little garden for now...Wish I had a big budget and could do a full landscaping all at once, but since gardening is about patience, slow and sure will just have to do.

Happy blessed Sunday all

Friday, September 10, 2010

A pretty vase of weeds.

This morning I got up just knowing today was going to be a good day...For the first time since she started walking I do not have to spend the day dreading the words..."Outtie - Outtie"...Because today I can simply open the French door and know she will not end up on the road, in the chicken house or running off thru the woods.

Turns out it really was not long before "Outtie - Outtie" was uttered...Before I had my coffee in fact..

So I opened the door and let her free...She was so delighted to be in her new space, until she discovered the gate she was having so much fun run in and out of yesterday while we put up the wire was now SHUT...uh oh...Am I going to have to deal with drama this early??...turns out she was have a rashional moment and was fine once I explained she has to stay in the yard and can't be outside the gate...phew..

Here she is enjoying her new outside space...We have plans to make garden beds around the base of the is going to be a little work, but I think it will be fun to create her a fairy princess garden all of her own.

Uh oh she has seen me with the camera and here she comes for her close-up...

Awww she picked me some pretty weeds...I mean flowers...Like a good mummy, I put them in a vase on my kitchen windowsill (see todays first photograph)

Hope yall are having a wonderfully blessed day also

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Backyard Fence

After two long hot days, we now have a fenced in backyard...My dear sweet husband has worked himself to a frazzle to get this done during his days off....But at last we can keep Sara contained while outside, until 8pm tonight she has had the run of 5 acres and let me tell you, she will wear you OUT trying to keep up with her.

Since there is no photos of the fence...(mainly because was dark by the time we got done) I thought I would share pix of a pretty blue butterfly that came to visit with me and Sara as we were playing in the front garden, while poor daddy was working pounding in posts out the back.

Since exhaustion is about to set in that is all I have for you tonight...Maybe tomorrow me and the girls might start prettying up the new fenced area.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Most Beautiful Birdhouse....

Yup another post about birds...You are all going to think I am obsessed with our feathered friends...But this one is different...I want to share a couple of little projects we did yesterday.

I have had this old birdcage for a couple of year now (ok 4 or 5 ) waiting to have the right place for it in my home...After viewing many wonderful blogs and seeing gorgeous displays with cages I was feeling inspired....So off to the Dollar Tree me and lil Sara went, just looking for some bits and bobs to finish off the bare cage...Once I got home I did a dry run, but then quickly realized the "dirty" yellow paint had to go, so yup you guessed it...out came the white paint.

Since I could not spray paint it due to weather, having lil Sara in tow and I must be crazy. I was so impatient to have it white, I painted it with a brush...NOT something I would be in a hurry to repeat...As you can see it has found a home on the bedside table in the guestroom...Since this room is still "under construction" this is all you get to see for now.

The total cost of the cage make over was $7...Even the little bird was only $1, he is as cute as can be, though he was in the "coastal" section at the store I think he works here too.

So what was lil Sara doing while I was being insane and hand painting the bird cage?...Creating her own birdie master piece of course *grin*

She saw this little birdhouse in the craft section of Walmart and HAD to have it...So while I worked at the kitchen table, she sat quietly in her highchair and painted too.

Isn't she just darling?

Hey look mummy, I didn't need the paint brush after all.

The end result is the most beautiful birdhouse...

I hope yall are having a great week, we have a busy day planned while lil Sara is at Daycare, hopefully by the time we have to pick her up, we will have a fence around the backyard...

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Home Grown Eggs.

The nation wide egg recall has me, like every other chicken lover, glad we raise our own...It also has me appreciating just how pretty home grown eggs are, with nice strong thick shells and yellow healthy yokes. We are not big egg eaters in this house, so my favorite part of keeping chickens is sharing the eggs with neighbors and friends.

We only have 4 chickens and a rooster (the ducks are boys also)...3 of the girls lay brown eggs and then the little speckled hen lays white ones...I was excited to see this week that all 4 of the girls laying again, even if they are not all laying daily...That is just a matter of time.

I hope yall are having a great weekend and enjoying some home grown eggs.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Tea with Jam and Bread....

The moment I read about Tea Time Tuesday, I just knew I wanted to join in the fun of a virtual Tea Party...But alas week after week, Tuesday rolled around and I simply did not have time to take photos...One week I even got as far as baking cup cakes, they sure did taste good, even if I never got around to having Tea Time to go with them.

It then struck me, I need to get my photos taken BEFORE Tuesday. Lo and behold, it worked.
I was feeling very inspired to use my all white tea set after our resent trip to Downtown Disney...See post and inspiration images here

I wanted to make my Tea Table complement our simple country home, as well as my white Tea Set...So instead of making cupcakes or even fussing with scones, a simple, easy plate of bread and jam...What a treat to nibble on some white bread...Oh I am naughty.

I picked these lovely Potato Vine flowers while taking a morning walk around the property with my 2yr old Lil Sara...I also plucked some rosemary from the old herb garden to put on the kitchen windowsill to give the house a lovely aroma.

I had waited for Lil Sara to take her nap before I set the Tea Table...Once all the photos had been taken, I brewed the tea and called my eldest daughter (17yrs) and surprised her with a tea party with mummy....What a lovely way to spend the morning, quality time with both my girls.

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