Monday, September 13, 2010

Making use of those collectible souvenir pins.

Ever wondered what to do with those souvenir pins you (or your children if you visit Disney) collect while on vacation?

They are a lovely little keepsake of your travels or in the case of the Disney pins, a fun collectible...But once you are home, lets face it, you are not going to wear them, so they will end up tossed in a draw or jewelry box forgot.

Well I am currently on a de-cluttering of our lives kick and have a use it or lose it philosophy...Now my eldest daughter has been collecting these pins for 10yrs now and has both Disney and regular souvenir pins.

Today I am sharing her "Alice" pins, which have been a challenge to find due to the newest movie being released as I have mentioned in a previous post.

These came as a set of two...I was silly enough to put back the Tweedles during one visit and sadly could not find them on our return...oops...Maybe next time.

This one is super cute because the cup rocks back and forth...No wonder poor Alice has that look on her face....This pin is rather large so has a double post in back.

I know I have not answered my own question yet...What to do with these things once you are home? If you turn them over and look at the back they are exactly what the name implies..A PIN...They do come with little stopper things on the back so they can be pinned to fabric or clothing...But this is what they look like once you remove the back thingie....hmmmmm

What lovely and fun push-pins (thumb tacs) they make for a message board...Daughter only wants to use her Alice pins for her board but you could use any kind you like...I am thinking next visit to Downtown Disney I am going to be looking for some pins to go on my kitchen message board...Tink maybe *wink*

Happy Monday

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