Saturday, February 9, 2013

Inside the studio and other ramblings

Back inside the house the photo studio is coming along...I still have to paint the desk and make a skirt for the craft/framing table...but the important part...the actual photographing area is up and running.
This week of course it is set up for a Valentines Day themed shoot...Sadly the little girl whom was supposed to be here this morning is sick with the flu so we had to rescheduled her for next weekend.

hmmm maybe when I get out the sewing machine to do the table skirt I should maybe hem the sheers on the french doors so I don't have to have them knotted up so they don't drag on the floor.

The baby goats have been keeping me busy...we had some below freezing nights so I was up every couple of hours to check on them, run the heat lamp in the little goat house, for 30 minutes to keep it cozy then turn it off again so not to burn anything to the ground...Then each morning we play shuffle the goats...I put momma and babies in the big "pen" to graze for the day...the other 2 have to be moved from that pen out to the pasture, because Deenie is not being very nice and keeps chasing the babies to butt them...Hoping she is going to be nicer to her own when they are born at the beginning of March...The babies are to little for the pasture because they can fit thru the fence...and that can't be good....maybe by next week we can put them all out there together...we might have the rest of the fence stretched too. (the neighbor decided that goat fence is to hard to put up, so they just ran barbed wire for their cows...we will be putting up our own wire on the inside of the the mean time my dog is house bound so he does not chase their stupid cows because he can run straight under the lowest strand of wire...not feeling very neighborly these days...or at least to that one lol)

I am still sorting thru content of boxes that came out of the double wide trailer we sold back in Oct 2012.
Which I guess I should share photos from that event sometimes soon...The good news is, this week I took 2 boxes and one large black bag of stuff to the thrift day we might even have a box free dinning room woot woot.

Well better get dressed and prep for the tween bday shoot I am doing this afternoon.

Have a wonderful blessed weekend

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Official Newborn photoshoot.

In the newborn photography word, the ideal time for new born photos is anything up to 10days old...So when the babies reached 8 days, into the studio with them it was.

But this pair could just not hold still...they were into funny because they taste test EVERYTHING...and loved playing peek a boo behind the backdrop.

These were the only 2 photos of them both together that I managed.

I am reassured that my usual clients are not able to run, jump and play during their "new born" photos...and even a surly toddler is easier to work with lol...but it was still lots of fun and oh look how cute Peter and Tink are.

I promise to post some behind the scene stuff as well....just as soon as I get caught up on client edits and taxes.

Blessings Kelsie

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Baby photos...

 Day 1 out and about with momma

Lil Sara (yer not so lil now) feeding Sarah Goat some treats

Peter Pan say...No more photos please

Day 3...they be growing like weeds

4.30am check...we have had a couple of nights with Freeze watches so lastnight I got up and ran the heat lamp for 30minutes to take the chill away before the coldest part of the night came...At 6.45am check inside the baby house was still 34...but momma and babies were still looking cozy and no shivering...I removed the blanket from the door/gate and opened it up but turned the lamp back on to keep the chill off until the sun fully came up.

This Goatma business sure is keeping me busy and awake lol.

Blessings Kelsie