Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Most Beautiful Birdhouse....

Yup another post about birds...You are all going to think I am obsessed with our feathered friends...But this one is different...I want to share a couple of little projects we did yesterday.

I have had this old birdcage for a couple of year now (ok 4 or 5 ) waiting to have the right place for it in my home...After viewing many wonderful blogs and seeing gorgeous displays with cages I was feeling inspired....So off to the Dollar Tree me and lil Sara went, just looking for some bits and bobs to finish off the bare cage...Once I got home I did a dry run, but then quickly realized the "dirty" yellow paint had to go, so yup you guessed it...out came the white paint.

Since I could not spray paint it due to weather, having lil Sara in tow and I must be crazy. I was so impatient to have it white, I painted it with a brush...NOT something I would be in a hurry to repeat...As you can see it has found a home on the bedside table in the guestroom...Since this room is still "under construction" this is all you get to see for now.

The total cost of the cage make over was $7...Even the little bird was only $1, he is as cute as can be, though he was in the "coastal" section at the store I think he works here too.

So what was lil Sara doing while I was being insane and hand painting the bird cage?...Creating her own birdie master piece of course *grin*

She saw this little birdhouse in the craft section of Walmart and HAD to have it...So while I worked at the kitchen table, she sat quietly in her highchair and painted too.

Isn't she just darling?

Hey look mummy, I didn't need the paint brush after all.

The end result is the most beautiful birdhouse...

I hope yall are having a great week, we have a busy day planned while lil Sara is at Daycare, hopefully by the time we have to pick her up, we will have a fence around the backyard...

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Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Ooooh, I love your white birdcage! I have one too. Love birdcages, birdhouses, and our little feathered friends! Your daughter's birdhouse is beautiful! Have a lovely day.


Anonymous said...

Well I would have to vote for Sara's little birdhouse as the best! Talent in the making....who knows she may be better at painting dolls than you. Love your need to go in business! Love to you all from Georgia! Candace and the boys

Rebecca said...

She sure is having fun painting that birdhouse!!! said...

The paint brush always goes by the wayside, doesn't it??

Donna said...

I love bird houses, too! Your project turned out great! So did your cute little daughter's! Thanks so much for visiting :)