Thursday, September 23, 2010

Display Cabinet for the Dining Room

The cabinet might look familiar to some of you...It is my 3rd "Doll Cabinet" that was not in use here in the new house...I had thought I was going to put it in the guest room for my porcelain/china dolls but then inspiration hit....Since it could be awhile before I can afford the corner display curio of my dreams for the Dining room, why not make use of what I already have.

This "display cabinet" was created using a white press board bookcase, I added Plexiglas framed with simple household trim from the hardware store as a "glass door" on the top part of the shelves and created a curtain for the bottom for storage...I made all 3 units about 4yrs ago as a way to keep little fingers off of my dolls...Now it works for my china too

Now I can display (hubbies) Granny's lovely tea set (top shelf) and my Grandmothers cats...As a child I had always admired my "Nan's" extensive china cat collection and Pa (Granddad) made sure I got these ones for my 21st Bday...He even signed them underneath from both he and Nan, even though she had been passed away for almost 10yrs when he gifted them to me.

The bottom shelf finally gave me a place to keep my cake servers as well as allowed lovely Jo to escape the doll studio and be displayed for all to enjoy the artistry of Joe Tai her creator and the skills of Gin-O whom created her lovely gown.

As you can see the cabinet fits quite nicely in this corner and gives the dining area a lovely homy feeling now instead of it being a stark area of the house...Behind the curtains at the bottom I have ample convenient storage for my cook books...The hat boxes above I just love...The one with pink roses was found in an antique store at the same time as the vintage pink gloves (second shelf)...For the moment both hat boxes hold additional outfits for my 12inch dolls, but in time I hope to fill them with lovely antique napkins and gloves.

Anyway that was my little quickie project for the week...I am so pleased with the effect.

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Carolyn said...

It is a lovely way to display your treasures. I love the hatboxes Too!


Susan said...

I think it looks great! You have lots of special treasures. Susan

Henna @ AboutCabinet Blog said...

its a great cabinet, i love it, you can display a variety of things in it and place it anywhere you like for easy access and display of things, really good design cabinet

Annie's Online Store said...

i love the cabinet unit and the way you displayed things in it, its so unique looking, really a great piece of furniture