Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sick Babies...

Oh how quickly the sun comes up when you have only managed to catch a couple of hours of sleep...The big daughter is still sick..Her Doctor said it is a virus going around and all we can do is treat the symptoms and ride it out *sigh*...Poor kid had an interview on Friday that we had to reschedule till Monday.

She is being brave and trying so hard to still help out around here...Especially since Lil Sara has caught this bug also and is now congested and hacking again...I spend most of the night up with her...OMG at 1am I gave her a dose of Benedryl and a breathing treatment and they sent her into Hyperdrive...She literally had us is stitches watching her singing and dancing and all at 100miles an hour...It was like watching a movie in FW...The effect was short lived thank goodness and she crashed by 2am, allowing me to get a couple of hours sleep before her 6am treatment.

Since the bug is so catchy I am going to stay home from Church with the girls, no point in infecting anyone else...Will have to play the rest of this week by ear also...We are supposed to be heading down to Orlando this week for a college campus tour but obviously if Sara is sick I will not be able to go...Hopefully at the very least, Mic will be well enough for it....The Doctor did say it last about a week...Then of course we have the Daycare question...SO much for starting 2days a week this week.

Anyway enough of my moaning...Please keep us in your prayers that my babies will get over this ickiness.


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