Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Settling into our new home...

I can't believe it has been 3weeks since my last post...As it always does, moving and settling in has taken longer than I had hoped it would...I had grand dreams that I would be finished by now and just adding tiny touches to the interior decorating....Oh I am so silly and optimistic...I do not even have curtains in the living room yet lol.

So besides moving furniture and packing and unpacking boxes we have started working on some wonderful new memories in the new house.

Here is Sara taking her first nap in the new house.
It is hard work being this cute and getting underfoot :)

We were so happy that Mic was able to leave for Prom from here,
even if we did only slide in by 3 days....Doesn't she look gorgeous..

We have also had a couple of award nights at the school...She made A/B Honor roll for the entire Senior Yr....Last night was Band awards and she received her Senior Plaque, her pin and School Letter....Tonight will be the last time the seniors perform with the School Band..

Only 10days till Graduation night.

These next couple of pictures were taken thru the glass from the back door and the quality is pretty bad....But I had to share....The other morning while making coffee I looked up and saw 6 turkeys making their way across the hay field...it was 5 hens and a gobbler, as you can see he was putting on quite a show for his ladies with his tail all sprayed out.

This picture gives you an idea just how far from the house they actually were....Sadly I have not seen them again since, I am hoping it is just a timing thing and that they stay on the property so come Turkey Season they will not end up in someones freezer.

Only 4 days left until Mum and Aunt Nina arrive to visit with us from Australia...I can't wait...Though I hope they don't get to bored out here in the sticks.


PS: As I have time and feel inspired I will do a room by room review of the house (and the contractors work) now we are living in it.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


To celebrate moving day here (finally) are pix of the completed kitchen...well there are some minor things...Like the corbels still need to be stained, the outlet covers on the island are still white and the cabinets are waiting for Tom to come back and do the touch ups on the paint that got chipped during installation...BUT that is ok...TODAY WE ARE MOVING IN...Tonight I get to finally sleep under our new roof and cook (reheat ) in my new kitchen.

So that all being said, not sure when I will have time to post next as our internet service will be limited for a few days...In the mean time you can enjoy all the pix of my pretty shiny new kitchen.

Don't forget to check out how the kitchen rated on HGTV.com Rate My Space

Sunday, May 2, 2010

It's mine all mine...well ours!

This view of the house seem to be appropriate for the crazy Topsy turvy week it has been....Each night I have crawl to my bed exhausted and unable to think straight let alone write anything...I know I owe many of you emails and believe me when I say that I appreciate all the lovely comments and support everyone has given us during this adventure...(though the adventure is not over, this was just chapter one lol)...Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Finally with the dumbster removed we can see the back of the house.

Anyway in the last post the big question was, did we pass final inspection...YES and did the final walk thru with Leon of Built Wright Custom Homes on Thursday evening....So the house is now officially OURS and we are super excited....Now the long haul of trying to get moved in around a toddlers sleeping schedule (that changes daily) and David's uncooperative work schedule (that seems to be designed just to be the most inconvenient this week)

I have been trying to take final photographs of the kitchen for Leon's scrapbook before we move in, and I got some really nice ones on my Nikon 990, but alas I forgot to format the memory card to that camera last time I cleared it and now my computer will not read them...So I will try again today (if baby will let me)

She is slowly getting better and I will be glad with the antibiotics are almost over...I hope this is the last bout for the season...and also that the new house and super filtered A/C unit will help keep her allergies at bay from now on.

I finally got all the USA Graduation Announcements done and in the mail yesterday morning...Mic looks so gorgeous in her hat and gown....For those of you in Australia, yours are coming too, just have to have time to get to them....I do not know what I was thinking taking on building a house during the same yr as having one child graduating high school and the other one hitting the terrible 2's.

So on that note, much to get done today...