Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Cowboys

Even with 7 Nigerian Dwarfs the tiff9 is getting out of control...truth be told the little goats are hardly touching it and twice already this yr Farmer Brown has had to get out there and mow....Yes 4 of the little goats are just babies but still we need more grass eaters.

This is where the cowboys come in...A friend of mine had to rehome 2 of her bottle baby Nubian wethers.

This is Maverick (Black) and Wyatt (Tan)
Wyatt is actually a Mini Nubian...Both still have a bunch of growing to do yet but seem huge to us since we are used to the little goats...Maverick is going to be HUGE...I have seen his daddy and you could saddle that pony up lol.

They will stay separated by fence for the next 14days ...This is their first encounter with the others.
Sarah Goat is already establishing herself as still the boss goat....Snorting at the fence and trying to butt them...she is so silly.

Blessing Kelsie