Saturday, September 18, 2010

From the Work Room

As most of you know I make and sell fashions for collectible fashion dolls. NO, NOT BARBIE...Well not anymore, these days I work with the larger 16 inch dolls...These gorgeous dolls are so much fun and since most of my models are wigged, it allows me to have a great amount of versatility with one doll...Most of the dolls I sew for can come with a pretty high price tag, so finding a model that can pull off a number of looks is super important...The variety of 16 inch fashion dolls available can make your head spin, which is why I stick to just a couple of different dolls that inspire me...

Wigged Out Ellowyne is a 16 inch Vinyl Fashion Doll from Wilde Imagination.

Today I am sharing with you a cute little girl called Ellowyne, for whom I created a fun black and white spotted dress for her with red accents. Ellowyne is usually very bored with all things around her, but this dress seems to brighter her up to the edge of almost excited about being "Spotted Dancing"...

Sybarite Trapeze is a Limited Edition Resin BJD from English Company SuperFrock

Of course I can not post about my dolls without sharing a picture of my lovely Sybarite - Trapeze, the pride of my collection of Models...If you happen to visit the gallery on my website you will notice that Trapeze is the most featured of all my dolls.

If you would like to see more pictures of these fashions or others I have created you can visit my website

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