Friday, September 10, 2010

A pretty vase of weeds.

This morning I got up just knowing today was going to be a good day...For the first time since she started walking I do not have to spend the day dreading the words..."Outtie - Outtie"...Because today I can simply open the French door and know she will not end up on the road, in the chicken house or running off thru the woods.

Turns out it really was not long before "Outtie - Outtie" was uttered...Before I had my coffee in fact..

So I opened the door and let her free...She was so delighted to be in her new space, until she discovered the gate she was having so much fun run in and out of yesterday while we put up the wire was now SHUT...uh oh...Am I going to have to deal with drama this early??...turns out she was have a rashional moment and was fine once I explained she has to stay in the yard and can't be outside the gate...phew..

Here she is enjoying her new outside space...We have plans to make garden beds around the base of the is going to be a little work, but I think it will be fun to create her a fairy princess garden all of her own.

Uh oh she has seen me with the camera and here she comes for her close-up...

Awww she picked me some pretty weeds...I mean flowers...Like a good mummy, I put them in a vase on my kitchen windowsill (see todays first photograph)

Hope yall are having a wonderfully blessed day also


Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous of that big yard...we have the tiniest of yards:( BTW, thanks so very much for sharing your sweet words about my back to school post:) Hope you have a fabulous weekend!


mo said...

Hi Kelsie,

What a wonderful post. I love the fact you put your "flowers" in a jar and took a picture of them. Your daughter is adorable and so thoughtful! Lucky you. *hugs*