Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Weeks 9, 10 and beginning 11 - Where did the time go

Everything is really moving along now...Our walls all have insulation now...The inner walls have batts, but the outer walls got a spray in foam type stuff that fills every little nook and cranny, making it much more energy efficient...First they spray it in the walls, then they take what looks like a drill operated paint roller on a frame to knock down the excess and smooth it back to the studs...Then they have a second guy with what looks like a super large vacuum hose sucking up all the stuff that is knocked down, it is sucked back into the truck and reused....then the walls are left for the glue/bonding agent in the insulation to dry...I do have video of this process but it needs editing and I do not have the time to mess with it atm, so will post it at a later time.

BUT the biggest difference to the interior of the house so far is the drywall has gone up and we have walls and ceilings now...YAY.

This is a view of the soon to be kitchen area, you can see the built in pantry and the half wall that will be the back of the kitchen island bar.

It is amazing how much bigger the space feels now...all the rooms for that matter..

And talking of making a space feel bigger, here is a view of the living room ceiling tray...The extra 18inches really make that part of the living area feel huge.

It also gives that part of the room a feel of separation from the kitchen and dining without having to be closed off by a wall...it is hard to describe, but it is a very positive thing.

After the drywall was up and it had passed inspection and all the joints plastered, they came back and "shot the walls" to create a Spanish Knock Down effect...This will give the walls a slight textured look...With the soft yellow color I have chosen for the interior walls, it should really help lend to the country cottage look.

You can also see in this picture that my interior doors have arrived and are actually been installed as I type this...The painters are supposed to be coming by today also to start caulking in and prepping the walls to start painting tomorrow...I am so excited to see how how the colors we choose are going to look.

Kitchen cabinets have been chosen and should be ordered today...I have chosen my counter tops...See pretty picture of Uba-tuba granite to the left...I am loving the subtly of the coloring and hope it should contrast nicely with our cabinet colors.

We have also finalized our flooring selection, our lighting fixtures have been picked, door knobs purchased and OH BIG NEWS...The duel flush toilet price has been reduced to just $118 per unit...So not only are we saving more money, but hopefully this will make even more ppl choose this energy/water saving option for their bathrooms.

Well I think that is about you all caught up now...And hopefully by weeks end I can show you pictures of our pretty Steel Blue home.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Week 8 ends and week 9 begins...

Where to begin...So much going on all at once this last week...Well on the outside as you can see, the siding was completed and the roof is now on...Once the siding is painted they will return and do the soffit and facier.

And talking of painting the siding, though we had originally thought we would paint the siding white, but after much pondering and driving around looking at older cracker and craftsman homes in our area decided it would look better with color that would really make the white trim pop...Not to mention we have been living in a white house for the last 6yrs and it is a rather safe color.....

So final decision is "Steel Blue"...I know those that know me well are rolling their eyes at me painting yet ANOTHER house blue...though in my defence..A: this time it is the exterior and B: It was actually David's idea and decision...I had wanted green but seems he is allergic to green houses or something lol...oh and the fact out that 3 out of the six houses on our little country road is already green lol.

So anyway moving right along to the interior work for the week....The Electricians did the rough in, which then left me to fuss over every light fixture placement, having them tweak and tweak until I think (hope) I got them just where they need to be...After tomorrow it will be too late to move anything as they start spraying insulation and adding drywall.

I also have to choose 23 different light fixtures for the house....My head has been swimming in possibilities...I have so much respect for interior designers, having to decide both the function and the form of each fixture is proving quite overwhelming...

The plumbers were back and put the drop-in fiberglass shower and bath units...I am so glad I went with builder standards for both bathrooms (besides the duel flush toilets) because I am not sure I could take the pressure to make any more decisions.

The pantry in the kitchen has been framed out...I know I mentioned just getting a drop in pantry later, but well I am a woman building a house...I AM going to change my mind many times lol...I am getting more and more excited to see how this kitchen turns out...Meeting with the cabinet maker soon to discuss cabinet doors and finishes.

Picked up some possible color samples for the interior but until we have walls inside the house I will not know what the natural lighting will truly look like to see if these colors will work....But at least I can narrow down my selection compared to my furniture colors before I buy the sample pots.

I am sure I am missing something in this weeks post....Well as my mummy would say "Can't have been that important, if you can't remember it"