Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Green Tea Ginger Ale...

With the children sick this week there has not been much time to do much in the sense of tea...Except for gulp it or my coffee down...So no pretty photos of teapots or teacups this week, but I did discover something tea related I wanted to share.

This is not a new product but it is new to me...
Thank you to my local Winn Dixie for stocking it.

Growing up my grandmother made the BEST ginger ale or "ginger beer" as we called it in Australia...it was always a highlight of summer to sip an ice cold home made ginger beer at Nan's house...That and her apricot jam *drooling*...but I digress...

So anyway, having been spoilt by this delish concoction as a child, as an adult I always on the look out to find a good flavored ginger ale to compare with my childhood memory...That was until this past week because I think I found it.

Most weeks I shop at Walmart because of convenience but this week neither me nor hubby wanted to deal with the hustle and bustle and opted to visit Winn Dixie for the grocieries instead...Sometimes shopping in peace and quiet is worth those extra few cents you pay for a couple of produces...though I do avoid buying my paper goods or cleaning products there as they are sometimes a couple of dollars more...So it is just a matter of knowing the prices of your products before you go.

Hmmm again digressing....oops

Now time to hit the soda aisle for hubby to stock up on his cola for the week...I try to avoid soda because I do not need those extra calories...But as a treat I do like a little glass of Canadian Dry now and again since it is the closest I have found to my Grandmothers...As I walk down the aisle hoping that the CD is not priced thru the nose I am delighted to find it on sale 10 for $10...Oh happy days (no I did not buy ten bottles lol)...then I notice all the flavors of Ginger Ale they carry...To treat my big daughter since she has been sick, I picked her up some Cranberry Ginger Ale...It just sounded yummy...and it was...But as I am turning away from the shelf out of the corner of my eye the words "GREEN TEA" catches my eye...It was a wonderful moment...It just sounds good, ginger and green tea...So I snatch up a bottle to try.

I know many of you are heading into colder weather, but I do encourage you to try this delish flavored drink...It really does not taste like a soda, it has a lovely lightness about it and must be the most refreshing thing to ever past thru my lips...and leaves the most delightful refreshing after taste..

This BTW is coming from a person that can not stand drinking Sweet-Tea (Iced Tea)....I was raised on real tea, the kind from a pot that you add milk and sugar....Cold tea is just WRONG. lol

Anyway, I popped back to the store yesterday just to pick up another bottle of this liquid loveliness...Unfortunately I think I am becoming quickly addicted.


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mo said...

My mother use to give us Ginger Ale as well when we were sick. And now, I give it to my son. I sure hope your family feels better soon. Thanks for sharing the Green Tea version of Ginger Ale. This one is new for me. *hugs*

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

I remember my mum giving us ginger ale when we were sick; that and bread with milk and sugar to get our strength back. I hope your little family is feeling better soon. No fun being sick! I must try to find that Green Tea ginger ale; sounds delightful!


Lady Katherine said...

Wow, you make it sound so wonderful, I just might give it a try. I not one for ginger ale, unless we are sick. You have convinced me I need to try it. I will go for a search! lol For we do not have Winn Dixie's here anymore. I did love to shop there. As most Walmart is where we go. We do take stop at Kroger once in a while. Thank you for coming to Tea Time!

Mikey said...

Green Tea Ginger Ale is so yummy! I, too, adore it! American's have ginger beer, too--it is like ginger ale, but much stronger with ginger flavor--very spicy! It is hard to find, but very good, as is sasperilla soda!