Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hay Cutting

Hay cutting is one of my favorite times of the year...Well besides the obvious dislike for the dust it creates...Though it is 100 times better than when they are plowing the fields across the road and you see big plumes of black dust floating in the air and covering everything with a thin later of yuck....Plus when they hay cutting is over in just a couple of days...This pic was taken Monday while they did the actual cutting.

It really is quite deceptive how big our property is .... We have a wonderful feeling of open space since there is no other fences to divide our 5acres with the 55acres that border us on the north and west sides. I have marked the small clump of trees that do mark our North/West corner...The small fence you are seeing is the one we put up to contain Sara and is just 36 feet from our back door.

Sara watching them doing the actual bailing on Wednesday...Unfortunately I did not get a photo of the "fluffer" but Sara had a blast watching the "Twakers" at work and waving back to the guys every time they passed close to the house...As you can see when they are cutting the 55acres, they cut our back 2.5acres...It is a wonderful arrangement, we get free "lawn mowing" and they get a couple of extra bails of hay.

To truly appreciate this photo you need to click and enlarge it...Taken again from inside "Sara's Yard" you get a wonderful view of acres and acres of rolling green fields dotted with hay bails...There is something so perfectly country romantic about this view, especially as the sun is setting behind them....I wish yall could be here to enjoy it with us...Though the days are growing shorter, the late afternoon and early evening are FINALLY growing a little cooler, and so begins my favorite time of year in Florida.


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