Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Doll Room Tour....

I finally got my work space shuffled around and in place and sorted enough so I can get back to some serious work again...hehe @ dolls being serious work...I am hoping the layout of the desks will work for me and by splitting the sewing machine and the cutting table, I might just create less mess...One can hope lol..I have not "decorated" in here yet, because I want to make sure it functions first....But anyway


You enter the room through a set of French doors off of the living area. These allow me to keep an eye on Lil Sara and try and get some work done at the same time...Ok, so maybe as she gets older this will become a truth *grin*..In the meantime I *HEART* French doors :)

Straight across from the doors is the "sewing desk"...I am still sorting where all my bits and bobs need to go, but this will come with time spent in front of the machine.

Sitting on the top shelf of the sewing desk is a gorgeous old fashioned picture that states, "A Busy Day in Dollville"....I love this artwork, I think it about sums things up in my doll/work room...I got it at the Micanopy Art Festival a few yrs back, when my friend spotted it and we both just knew it had to come home with me....

To the right of the sewing desk is my display cases, these hold my current working models and my "inspiration" dolls...and some other bits and pieces, like boxes of wigs and shoes and diorama items for my photo shoots.

A close up of my favorite shelf at the moment....I am going thru a bit of a Victorian Gothic inspired period currently....I am totally loving my little Viktor Dreary boys (top shelf/right front) and hope to one day get the rest of this line of dolls *hint hint family members reading this*

This gorgeous doll is Soto and she is a 16inch Tonner Antoinette Mannequin, whose face was painted by the super talented Dawn Anderson of OneSixthSence...I am a big fan of Dawn and so proud to have this gorgeous doll in my collection...Clothing on this doll is from the new Teen Moxie line of dolls, except the skirt which I made..

This stunner is my only new doll this yr, She is a basic 16inch vinyl doll by Joe Tai, I feel very lucky to have her in my collection...Dress is by Gin O and is even more gorgeous in person...I need more Gin O gowns for my display dolls...Wig from the Monique Gold Collection.

This is where the action happens, my work table..It is in this spot that I design, cut, fit and hand finish all my pieces..

Across the other side of the room is 10 feet of closets....Behind these doors hide the mess lol...One side is totally dedicated to my fabric bins, but until I have time to sort and orginize them you do not get to see...The other side is full of boxed dolls and diorama pieces...which brings me to my final picture....

This is MIA, she is a 10inch Japanese Ball Jointed Doll /Clean Out Fairy...Mia is going to be helping me find homes for all the dolly stuff that I am no longer needing or using...Some of these items have come to me as gifts and prizes and for this reason, Mia will be hosting some Free Fairy Give Aways...Some of these will be in the form of, outright freebies and others will be "Winner Pays Shipping" for the larger items....

I hope you enjoyed seeing where I work and for you dolly folks, please keep coming back and checking for Mia's Fairy Freebies.

*hugs* Kelsie


K said...

Nice wish my dolly room is this organized. That is my everest now!!!




Anonymous said...

Oh, thank you for the tour! I'm turning a slight shade of green! Dedicated Doll space! Someday, maybe! B)
Loudolly from Prego

Amy N said...

How the heck do you keep your doll room so neat???? (btw my hubby is getting me french doors so I can move my doll room downstairs...can not wait!)

Amy N.

Carol in Ct said...

You know your room is neat when you can use french doors at the entry. After seeing your room, I want to close the door on mine!

Kari said...

Looks so amazing Kelsie! I LOVE your French doors too!! In fact, I just love your whole house!

Anonymous said...

Thanks SO much for sharing your new dolly workspace. It's so nice and the French doors are awesome!

Looking forward to all the great creations that are going to come out of such a lovely work area.

Dolly hugs,

Carol Lewis said...

Hi Sis love the room can,t wait for my craft room to be finished.
Miss you love big sis

Poppy said...

I stumbled onto your blog and am enjoying it so much! Your creations are so detailed and gorgeous! It has brought out the little girl in me! Not to mention that my little girls are standing behind my shoulder drooling! Nice work!

Anonymous said...

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