Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kelsie's Wish List...*updated*

We all have them...A list of dream items that we want or we believe could be very beneficial to have around...I like everyone has a super extravagant "Please Santa" list which includes things like a Pink Chanel Purse (look this one is on sale for 50% off ), A nutritionist/personal trainer to help me take my post baby body to a size 2 like all the Hollywood hot momma's...but these are just fleeting pipe dreams and honestly not true WANTS...

My true wish list is much more practical and definitely less girlie...

1: A wood-chipper/mulcher, so we can begin seriously clearing some of this cherry laurel off of the property...I would need a pretty heavy duty one to get thru the amount of work it has to do...the added benefit would be all the lovely mulch I would have for my garden without having to pay for it...This item would pay for it's self many times over I keep telling hubby.

2: A couple of Rotating Barrel Composers....This is really because I am too lazy to want to go out and turn over a compost pile with a pitch folk...But I figure if I had a couple or even one of these babies I could cook my own compost for my square-foot organic veggie gardens.

3: The materials to build my square foot garden beds and get started growing a fall crop...though more likely I will have to wait for spring to do it :(

4: Complete Canning Kit so I can put up and store all the delish veggies and pears that I grow...

SIDE NOTE: Froze my first batch of pears today...Will see how they turn out before I do more using the peel-cut-freeze method.

5: A Dust-buster...I have a 2yr old, need I say more lol.

6: Ok, so this is more a need to replace these things - Large Crockpot - George Forman Grill - Fry Daddy.

7: A nanny - so I have time to play with all the toys listed above lol.

What is on your less than girlie wish list?


PS: Thnx to Becca for reminding me, I also need a food processor...I found the best recipe for sausage rolls but I do need a food processor to get the required texture for the meat...but flavors are spot on...*happy dance*


Becca's Dirt said...

Love your not-so-girlie wish list. I need to add a food processor to my list. I know its girlie but I do want one. I've never used one before - Oh and a new stove. I .... well my list could go on. Hope you have a wonderful day and so nice of you to come by for a visit.

Heritage of Home said...

Hey there Kelsie! I only have a few things on my wish list...The Autumn Book by Susan Branch and her Days Book also...

A big solid wood bookcase...

And Last but not least, fabric organizers! I am just tickled pink about them! I made some out of cardboard. But that won't do because, they are not lignon and acid free...boohoo!

I am so glad ya'll are getting better! Time for a play date at my house!

Check out my blog and my etsy. I actually was able to take a cute picture and put as a header on both! And it has a sneak peek at what I'm working on!
Love ya!

Kari said...

You and me girl. Your wish list is about the same as mine.. but I'd also add a wood splitter and someone to magically put our woodstove insert in the fireplace!