Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Guest Room for 2 lovely ladies....

So while my mum and Aunt were visiting I wanted them to feel like they were truly visiting a southern home....and let me tell you it was decorated on a serious budget since it was only to be like this for their visit...The twin beds were rentals as the actual bed for this room is a full size one, but we did not think they would want to share a bed for their 6 week stay lol...I would have loved to taken the room much farther, but since we were still in the throes of moving into the house ourselves when they were to arrive, time was tight.

As you entered the room, you are greeted by the site of matching twin beds covered in authentic handmade quilts...Both quilts where created by David's grandmother.

On the shelves are photographs of my girls, an antique teddy bear from my own childhood and "Live, Laugh, Love" mini hat boxes...The artwork above this bed caught my eye because of the Quote "Life's most beautiful things are not seen with your eyes but felt with your heart."
Seemed perfect for their visit.

The oil painting above this bed is an original piece my husband owned before we were married...it set the mood for the entire room...The floral wreath was a lucky find on sale and helped to fill the blank wall for this temporary set up....The white wicker chest was a dark brown one we already owned and painted white...It is super handy to store the extra blankets etc for this room.

The 4th wall has the door to the small walk in closet, a dresser with full satellite TV and of course the bedroom door.

All this will get shuffled around and changed to make this into a more multifunctional space now they have gone home to Australia *sad* .... Love you guys xxooxx

Look who came to visit

From the dining room table, we have a perfect view of the bird feeder hanging in the pear tree, just outside the french doors...Eventually we will also bring the bird bath over and place it in the middle of this small group of trees.

Daddy Cardinal brought by his babies for their first breakfast at the bird feeder this morning.

I just wish I had a better camera to take these photos...especially since I am forced to take them thru the glass doors, so as not to disturb the wild life.

Yesterday lunch time one of our "often visitors" stop by for a pear...With 20 something pear trees on the property we do not mind sharing with our fury friends.