Sunday, September 12, 2010

While the baby sleeps, let's take a walk in the garden...

Both lil Sara and myself awoke this morning with a case of allergies...I popped a couple of antihistamines early knowing they would kick in in time for me to get ready for church with a somewhat clear head...Oh but poor lil Sara was just miserable and nose would not stop running, so I relented and gave her some of her own allergy meds...Now this is a 50/50 bet as to if it will but her to sleep or make her hyper...neither a good option for going to church, but I just could not let her suffer any longer...Within minutes she is looking better and in a much better mood..

So off to the closet us girls head to get ready for church...She chooses her "Princess Dress" and promptly stripes herself off in excited anticipation of wearing her FAVORITE dress...and though I usually prefer to dress her last minute to ensure we avoid any toddler dirt mishaps I can not resist that cute excited face...As soon as the dress is on, she runs to her crib (which is in the master bedroom as she does not always sleep thru and for when she requires breathing treatments throughout the night)...well anyway she loves to play in the crib, I think she is imagining she is SnowWhite or SleepingBeauty because a pretty dress will spark the want to do this...So I head back into the closet to get my own clothes...I am gone just seconds but when I step back out into the bedroom I can hear the soft sound of her snoring...not her pretend snoring which is very loud but the sound of a baby sleeping soundly...*sigh* well I guess I am having a quiet morning at home today....

So while she is sleeping I thought I would share some images of the new front garden now we have added the mulch and it actually looks like a garden.

Taken from the has been awhile since I shared this view with you...You probably need to click and enlarge the image to actually see the garden here...I am still dreaming of the day we can afford to add the porch railing and the white picket fence.

Side view of the garden, it should not take to long for the shrubs to spread out...We will also be adding a pathway to the front steps from this spot, as eventually this will be where the garden gate will go...Once we have laid out the path, then David will be able to plant the lawn seed and we will be rid of the lovely white builders sand...Oh how I will miss sweeping this out of my house a dozen times a day lol.

A little close up of the corner under the master bedroom window...As you can see my cherub has found a home...I also added a Sheppard's hook and hanging plant...this seems to be enough to deter my lazy old dog from stepping off of the porch into the garden and digging her a nice "sleeping hole"...You can see in the other photos we added wire garden "fencing" to keep her and the ducks out also.

This is the view from the porch...I also have a Mosquito plant on the porch and yesterday transplanted two small rosemary cuttings into pots now they have developed roots from being in water.

The pots either side of the front steps are doing well...You can also see the vincas I transplanted from the old garden have taken well to their new home...Not bad for volunteers that were being strangled by grass before I moved them.

I always love when you get a colorful surprise from your flowers...Did not expect to see any orange marigolds since I had purchased a pot of yellows.

Well that is our humble little garden for now...Wish I had a big budget and could do a full landscaping all at once, but since gardening is about patience, slow and sure will just have to do.

Happy blessed Sunday all


Carolyn said...

Your home looks so pretty-I love the style and color and your garden will really add to the charm.
Too bad we didn't live closer so I could share some of mine.


Donna said...

I love the color of your home! It's beautiful! I love growing rosemary, too, and didn't know you could root it in water. Thanks for the tip! And thanks so much for asking bout my hubby. He is thankfully doing much better, and has been off crutches for almost a week!