Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Serving Heart

Today we had a special 140th year homecoming service at Pine Grove Baptist Church...Had the delightful pleasure of hearing/seeing The Pickerings perform live...A wonderfully talented family group of Gospel singers that is now in it's 3rd Generation having being started in 1944 by Grandpa and Grandma Pickering.

We also had a guest speaker Rev Rick Lawrence...His message was wonderful and left me convicted and inspired to face this week (and life) in a new way.

It followed closely behind me reading the blog entry "what-you-are-really-telling-your-kids" this morning, convicting me of my attitude...

My BAD attitude about doing things for my family...Feeling annoyed and put out at having to take care of them...even though this is my job...I have been getting resentful about doing it and therefore doing it poorly and grumbling rather loudly about having to do it at all.

AND THEN today I got a big slap in the face from this quote...

“Children learn early in the life that life is either a gift to be enjoyed or a burden to bear.”
~Dr. John Bowlby

Followed by a church service with a message tailored for me on how to work on fixing how I tackle the burden I bear and turn it into a joyful gift.

Worship - Walk - Witness

If I do these 3 things right, then the rest will fall into place and I can start by having a serving heart towards my family and to work at being a better Daughter of God, Wife of David and Mother of 2....Which is of course much easier typed than done...Pray for me.

Blessings Kelsie


On Crooked Creek said...

I know God is already working on bringing to perfection this conviction you have made in your heart.Read Proverbs 31:10~30 this week. This passage of scripture helped me during the times when I sought guidance in my marriage, and raising our children (many times alone due to our Military career), and in directing me to the place where I could glorify God for all the BLESSINGS He had bestowed upon me. I'll be praying and watching for "Great Things"!

Carol said...

That was a bit of a wake up for me,
after reading that cool post sis.
So i will pray for you and you pray for me. Love big sis

Sheila said...

I can sympathyize with you, Kelsey. God recently got onto me for a similar attitude problem. I had neglected to help with church duties and obligations as well as having an ugly attitude with other church members. Not to mention that I too have felt taking care of family was very burdensome. I have repented and am doing much better. At first I was very hard on myself for being like this, but then I remembered this old saying "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy". Remember that from kindergarten? Anyway, my point is we all need a little time "away" from the job and all our "duties" to family and friends or we get very "cranky". So my encouragement for you today is "take a little time off. So what if the house is not spotless and the family has to fetch their own dinner for a day. You need a break to put you in a better mood. Yes, our children do learn from us at a very early age and they too need to learn that sometimes folks just need a day off. Take a moment for yourself today, don't be too hard on yourself and take a much needed break. Best wishes!

Bonita Jane said...

Ah! I am the mother of three daughters, but they are all grown and live away from me. I certainly remember days of being drained and crazed. Hurray for you for sharing and writing it all down in your blog. Abraham Lincoln said "A goal properly set is halfway reached." I want to introduce you to my sister, whose postings are short and sweet and inspirational. Her blog is

Enjoy, and remember that opportunity is a wonderful thing! Have a great week!

Karen said...

Kelsie, great post filled with much wisdom. Children do learn what they live, this is very true. They can also learn from helping out with chores too, because nowhere is it written that Mom Has To Do Everything. We can all share in the burdens and then we get to enjoy the gift--I always told our sons, 'Many hands make light work'. (Yeah, they loved that quote, I'm sure, but it worked, and we got stuff done.)

Housework is my job, too, as I don't work outside the home, but I much prefer to do 'man's work' sometimes because it just stays done for so much longer, do you know what I mean? If you put a new roof on the house, it will be up there for a whole LOT longer than the meal I just cooked and the floor I just scrubbed that takes all of five minutes to be undone. I get grumbly, too, I'll admit it, but when my husband started to pitch in with housework, he was amazed..."This is a lot harder than I thought. It never ends!" (Sort of like my comment here...oooops.)

Hugs to you, Kelsie, you're doing a fantastic job. I'll keep you in my prayers, and please, do the same for this old woman, too, if you would!