Monday, November 14, 2011

Goat Doctor

The goat equivalent to a Easter egg hunt....Foraging for acorns under the oak tree

I am excited, I think I have found a competent goat vet in my area...He answered all my question without pause, his advice lines up with everything I have been reading in my books, in the goat forum and on other blogs...He is all for minimal chemical use and fecal testing prior to treating for parasites...they offer both on farm visits and for less urgent needs more then happy to do in office visits by appointment for no call out charge.

Now the rest of my week is going to involve lots of poop.

Today I have to clean the goat pen and add fresh hay
Spreed the old hay (and goat poop) onto the herb garden so come spring I should have good nummy soil to plant in.
Tomorrow, spreading cow-compost in the Fall veggie garden.
And the Cockatiels are due for a deep cleaning of their cage.
Chicken house needs doing too.

And just for a change of pace at the end of the week I will be making big batches of fudge to take to our church Thanksgiving Dinner on Sunday.

Blessings Kelsie


Karen said...

Always good to know you have a competent vet. And I have to clean the chicken coop out, too. Always something in the country!

Mike said...

Great to have a house calling Vet for the little ones.
I cleaned my coop Friday and had to clean it again Saturday. Boy, I sure know where they roost on the stick. Some days they can go a week without a cleaning.
Rabbits are easier. Shovel it into my wagon and dump it in the compost hole. Throw some lime and rinse. Repeat...

Patty said...

I'll try not to envy you your great vet. ;) Really, I'm thrilled to hear that they are out there. The closest one to me that I know of is a 3 hr. drive away. CRAZY! But, I do have a very nice vet for my dog and cat that will help me if she can (with the disclaimer that she doesn't know much about goats). Happy post-manure fudge making! :)