Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What is in a name? *Update on list*

"That which we call a rose, By any other name would smell as sweet."
William Shakespeare

This month we celebrate 2yrs since we purchased our little patch of Florida and made way to built our little blue HOUSE...or should I say COTTAGE??
This is the debate Farmer Brown and I go over ever time we try and choose a name for the property...Yup 2 yrs later we are still undecided because we can not agree on this one little detail..

He says our dwelling is too big to be a called a cottage and I say it is perfectly cottage looking or will be once the "English Cottage Garden" is finished being planted, AND since I am wanting to start our own "Cottage Industry"...Would you not think cottage is the perfect name for our little blue dwelling?

So today (and I think he is just sick of the merry-go-round) he told me he will be perfectly fine with cottage if that is what I want....Well yer it is what I want, but I want him to understand why...Because I am a wo
man and we are just unreasonable like that...getting our way is not always enough lol.

And incase you are wondering why we are debating this atm...I need to put in the registration papers for our Doeling Princess Deenie and we will need to "name the herd"...So also keeping in mind that our Herd Name will also to a degree dictate the theme of the names we give future animal and we already have Little Boy Boots and Princess Deenie (you catching this theme)

Here is my short list:

Fairy Tale/Tail Cottage
(thought about farm but there was already many FairyTaleFarms out there)
Fairy Tale/Tail Cottage Farm
Story-Book Farm
Story-Book Cottage
Story-Book Cottage Farm

Other Options
Old Purvis Place
(in honor of Hubbies Ancestors)
Little Miracles Farm

And Big Daughter suggested we go with
Lil Blue Dwelling

Also just found out there is a Character limit on the registration forms for the goats so need to try and keep it under 15 spaces.

and then of course comes the question...Do I change the blog from "Our Country Home" to whatever we choose??

On to some garden randomness.

We had our first frost this week so before covering the pepper plants, just in case we picked what "fruit" they had on them..

Hubby sliced them up this morning and here they are in a gallon bag ready to go into the freezer...Amazing how quickly all those small peppers added up.

I would love to know what you think about the name...and of course do you think our dwelling is suitable for the title of "Cottage"

Blessings Kelsie


Patty said...

Ooh! You are having the same difficulty I did in deciding this. I had my heart set on Tanglewoods Homestead Nigerians, and got my tattoo letters assigned as THN. Then I found out about the 15 spaces rule, and ended up going with T.H. Nigerians. At least I hope, as it hasn't been accepted by the ADGA yet. In fact, I haven't sent in the form yet. Ugh! I'm such a procrastinator.
I kind of like Story-Book Farm. :)

Teresa@oursoutherncountryhomeandfarm said...

Your beautiful blue home is suitable for whatever name you want! My favorite is Fairy Tail Cottage :)
I am sure whatever ya'll choose will be just great!

Carol said...

Love Mickey,s name it sounds great.

Love Carol

Dreaming said...

Love the Fairy Tale Cottage name - that gets my vote!

Anonymous said...

I think I like Fairy Tale/Tail Cottage Farm the best!

Darla said...

I like a lot of them, I also like Our Country Cottage.

Sheila said...

How about Blue Cottage Farms

mississippi artist said...

I like Fairy Tail Cottage and Blue Cottage Farm , but how about Purvis Cottage or Old Purvis Farm?