Saturday, February 5, 2011

This months Challenge...End of Day One...

There is a noticeable improvement already...I moved most of the boxes that are not doll related out and the ones that are doll related are all now in a big stack to the left of the French doors...As soon as I have my photo station (behind right door) set up properly I will start photographing the boxes and boxes of diorama stuff I have and putting it up for sale or for give aways on the doll collector boards.

I also moved the desk and work table together for a better work zone flow...I intend to eventually paint the desk white and make a curtain for the table so it looks prettier...All my fitting models have been returned to the cabinet to await their next assignments...I am going to take my time to sort thru all the filing the patterns back in the correct binders, getting all my notions and findings in order and sorting and folding all my fabrics that are currently just stuffed into 4 different tote bins....then maybe I can be inspired when I walk into the studio instead of overwhelmed by the chaos.

I still have to go over and work on cleaning the mobile home we have for sale tonight as we have ppl coming to look at it tomorrow...I just have to wait for lil Sara to go to sleep so I can leave her with daddy with no screaming for mummy (the child has serious separation issues)

Hope yall are having a good weekend.
Blessings Kelsie


Marilou of Lulu's Lovlies said...

That is great progress, I think we are all in the process of cleaning out and re-organizing, like most crafters/artists do this time of year. It just takes take, good luck, I'm sorting out to! Hugs Marilou

Carol said...

Doing better than me sis,least it looks like you are getting some were.

On Crooked Creek said...

Amazing progress! Remember the Rule of ONE! In no time at all the clutter will be under control and those creative juices will be overflowing with new products!Thanks for updating us on your progress. Inspirating to all of us!

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Hi Kelsie, You have made quite a bit of progress. I am sitting here in my home office thinking I really need to get organized.

Kari said...

AWESOME progress Kels!! You are inspiring me!! Love your MGD and all the models! You are doing so good!

very merry vintage style said...

good for you! I have so many craft supplies... and that little area is in a corner of my basement. As soon as I finish my office, I have some serious work to do down there. You've made amazing progress!