Monday, February 7, 2011

A cowgirl and wet chicken...

Lil Sara going for a ride on her horse "HeeHaw" before church Sunday morning..

Yes, she wore the hat and boots to church...Why?

Because sometimes we just have to pick our battles lol...

So that was the Cowgirl portion of the post, what about the wet chicken??

And no, it is not some mouthwatering southern recipe...

It is my poor chickens, who are so sick of being cooped up because of the rain,
they all ventured out into the icky weather today and how pitiful do they look...

I am hoping tomorrows forecast of sunshine is accurate, this Floridian NEEDS her some sunshine.

Sharing today at Little Red House for Mosaic Monday.

Blessings Kelsie


Verde Farm said...

Hi new friend, so happy you found Verde Farm today so I could find Our Country Home! Just love your little girls cowgirl riding photos--precious. You are my 200th follower and that makes me so happy. I am going to send you a little something special for that. E-mail me your home address. So happy to have a new blog buddy. You should join us Friday for Farm Friend Friday-just started it last week. Love your chickens, mine have been out in the rain too. I guess they see my ducks doing it and think, “what the hay?” :)

Pondside said...

Our chickens look a lot like yours right now.
What a sweet little cowgirl - and you're has to pick one's battles!

Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

This is lovely and very cute. I am hosting a Giveaway on my blog and would love for you to stop by.

On Crooked Creek said...

Lil Sara is stealing my heart! Good for you to let her wear those boots and hat to Church!

On my sixth Christmas I was presented the experience to open one gift before Christmas Eve dinner at the local restaurant. Guess what I opened? To my MoMa's dismay. . .red cowgirl boots. . .and YES! I wore them to the restaurant! We have a picture of my brother in his sweater cardigan, my sister and I in matching plaid dresses. . .she in her black patton shoes and my red cowgirl boots! This is what life is all about.
God bless you Kelsie, like my MoMa. . .you are a very wise woman!

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Hi Kelsie, Your little cowgirl is such a cutie. I bet she was the most adorable little girl in church.

Mary said...

Omigosh, how totally adorable! Thanks for sharing at MM. :)