Thursday, November 4, 2010

Completed Bedroom Tour - Black & White French County

To celebrate 7 months since moving into the new house I am sharing with you today, the long awaited tour of my eldest (almost 18yrs old) daughter's finished bedroom...I know many of you have seen parts of this room as it was slowly coming together, but others are viewing it for the first time, so for this reason I am going to be repeating some of the details for first time readers...Even though she is moving out come January, I want her to enjoy these last couple of months in the family home. The Black and White theme in the room will stay when she leaves but the accessories will be changed obviously when she takes her personal items with her.

Now with that being said let's get this tour started.
Don't be shy about clicking the images to view them bigger for a better look at the details.

The view as you enter from the hallway...

The 3 masks you see on the wall are,
The Cat from a long ago kiddie costume,
The Meowth mask from her Senior yr drama presentation for homecoming and then lastly we have the black and red masquerade mask that was part of a set of 4 created by us for her Honors English class production of The Red Death...The other students from the production asked to keep the masks they wore.

As you step into the room a little farther you see more school memorabilia in the form of her Grad Cap on her giant Pikachu...Her Senior Silhouette art work...and her knik-knak shelf.

The view from the other side of the bed...
I recovered the lamp to match the curtains that I made and the antique chair I painted and upholstered (See chair transformation here) ....These were all first time projects for me, but has given me so much confidence to do similar ones in other parts of the house. *grin*

This silhouette was part of a display they did for her graduating class in 2010...Each student had one on the "Grad Wall" with their name under it...I framed hers after school was over for above her bed but it was lost in such a large space, so I found a second larger frame, painted it black and used the fabric from her grad gown for the backing fabric, hung the smaller frame in the center of it...I love how it turned out and it complements the artwork I created for the opposite wall also.

These are obviously her own personal touches lol...The Dr Who figures came to her as gifts from her dear friend Danni in the UK...The Dragon is a cherished gift from Grandma and Grandpa, the wooden peg dolls she has had since she was just a baby and her White Rabbit by Tonner Dolls I gave her last Christmas, I hope to one day save enough to also buy her Alice to go with him...The Pokemon figures are part of her rather large collection of all things Pokemon from the last 14yrs.

View of her desk area...
and no that is not a naughty lil Sara standing in the corner, that is Mic's Shy Dolly.

We found this cat press mold this week at the Thrift store...It was terracotta so I gave it a quick white washing and added some ribbon for it to hang from...It fills the bare space that was next to her desk nicely...

These 3 pieces of artwork I created using some old frames I had been given a few years back...
See their transformation here

I am still loving how her notice board turned out....Kinda wanna steal it for my own work space hehe....Note the Dr Who Fob Watch, another gift from the lovely Danni...It is a great place for her to display Prom Pix , Grad Tassel and Alice Disney pins.

Now you might have noticed the last frame on the right looks different from earlier posted pix of the artwork, and though it still features the fabric from her grad gown we have added some Postcards from Paris...While recently unpacking more boxes ( I know 7 months and I am still unpacking arg) I came across a huge stack of postcards from my father's many travels back home to Europe over the years...Even though we wanted to avoid any cliche "Paris" stuff, I thought it a wonderful way to honor her European roots and remember her Opa.

And of course the crowning jewel is the glittery mini chandelier...I am so glad I got brave and ordered this from was the jumping off point for the entire room.

I snuck in and snapped this picture today...Lil Sara loves when she is allowed in to "big sissy's" room to hang out...and also proof positive that it is in fact a doll not Sara in timeout lol.

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Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

Hi There~ Love the black and white together- it looks so elegant and inviting! The chandelier is beautiful too!! :)

Susan (My Place to Yours) said...

What a classy room! Nice touches everywhere... I love the silhouette idea, too! That's a very nice keepsake, especially for Mom!

Teresa@oursoutherncountryhomeandfarm said...

What a pretty room,bet she hates to leave it come January. Love the chandy. Had my first one put up this summer in the guest room and I love it!!! Teresa

Debbie~ said...

Very nice room, I like the crispness of the black and white together! I love the size of her little chandy. I'd heard Walmart had some, but I also heard they don't carry them anymore. I think I'd better go check! Thanks for sharing her space it's wonderful!
Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs