Thursday, December 15, 2011

Farm or Zoo??...You tell me

Sally (the not so sick but still comes inside in a cat carrier at night) Chicken, bless her little chicken heart. We tried to put her back out with the flock yesterday but Bravo is just too rough and kept chasing her down, now she is limping again...I think she prefers the backyard...wonder how she would go living with the goats?

The others are laying pretty well for this time of year, we average 3 to 6 eggs a day and I have found ppl willing to buy said eggs...yay for Egg money...I might save up to buy me some new boots.

I finally tracked down some clippers and a rasping tool thingie, to do the goat hooves (3 stores and a week later) and today should hopefully be the day I will get them done...Also have to treat them for lice..ick...fortunately Goat Lice don't like ppl or anything other than goats and sheep...Does not stop my head from itching every time I think about it..*scratch scratch*

Talking of scratching, I have to bath the stinky dog she is not really that stinky, well no more than a 13yr old dog stinks anyway...I was delighted to find out yesterday that I can attach a garden hose directly to the faucet in the utility room sink so at least Nardia will be getting a warm bath out side and not dirty up my bathroom this time.

Speaking of which, yesterday we got a little side tracked (hence why the dog did not get a bath even though I had the hose attached and ready to go) because we discovered the old fish pond at the old house had sprung a leak and 6 little fishes only had 2 inches of super muddy water to swim in...So we scooped them out and put them in an old paint can (as you do) and then spent the rest of our pre-pickup Sara time cleaning out the old bearded Dragon tank and praying it would hold old garden pond rocks that have been in a now broken plastic kitty litter bucket in the sun for 7yrs and a small water pump...and made them a home on my dinning room side board...I am starting to feel like I live in a zoo.

Talking of Zoos...and this is a little weird, but I did in fact see a monkey on the loose a couple of weeks back...It was sitting on the next neighbors fence (and by neighbor I mean the ppl 1/2mile down the road)..looking at me...I thought I was going crazy and from the tone of her voice when I called my neighbor at work, she thought I had lost my mind too...and being as we have spoken just once before at my mail box to exchange phone numbers this was a rather bizarre phone call to make to her at work...

It went like this.
Me - Sherri?
Her - Yes?
Me - Hi, this is Kelsie from down the road in the blue house...Do you have a pet monkey?
Her - Pardon?
Me - Do you have a pet monkey
Her - Ummm no??
Me (very quickly because I can tell from the tone of her voice she is verging on hanging up on this crazy woman from down the road)...I am out the front of you place and there is a monkey sitting on your fence.
Her - Really??...ummm did you call the sheriff??
Me - No..I wanted to make sure it did not belong to you.
Her - Can you? I am at work and have a class of kids right now.

hehe Can you imagine what was going thru her head at this time??...So turns out that I am not the first one to see this monkey in the area...and he has been sighted again since almost a mile away...or could it be we have a pack (do monkeys move in packs??) loose in the middle of no-where North Florida.

But there is more...Last week the sheriff was in the area door knocking, trying to find out if anyone owns the Llama that is running loose just down the road from me....Good golly grief...I hope the neighbors with the Lion and Tiger rescue farm (1 miles as the crow flies to the east of us) is keep their animals locked up tight.

Oh and of COURSE there is another bobcat in the area, has been sighted multipul times and stolen a few turkeys already this yr...

So much for the quiet country life
Blessings Kelsie

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Faith said...

Those eggs....are stunners...if I lived near you...I would be buying and be a regular customer...I rather like the orpingtons and hope one day to have a yard bird or 3....:)

mississippi artist said...

Lions and tigers and bears-oh my! I would be scared to go outside with all those weird animals running around!No it doesn't sound like it's quiet in the country.

Teresa said...

It does sound like a zoo. If you've not dealt with lice on the goats before, make sure you scoop their shelter out and spray it as well; otherwise, the goats will just be reinfested.

Heidi said...

Hi Kelsie,
It's been a while since I last visited. It sounds like things have really been busy in your neck of the woods. I'm so glad you can give the dog a warm bath and those eggs look way too pretty. The monkey and llama are worrisome and I DO hope those lions and tigers stay safe. A few years ago, a wealthy homeowner illegally held a few lions on his compound overlooking the ocean. One day, a bad fire burned up the home and the lions keep being "seen" in the area but still haven't been found. Scary.

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

I'm not sure what you have, a farm or a zoo it all sounds happy to me.. my girlfriend has chickens and goats, horses and a mule numerous dogs and cats. I always love visiting her home, it's so full of love as I can tell yours is..
hugs ~lynne~

Anonymous said...

You have a lovely little farm and those eggs are beautiful!