Saturday, August 14, 2010

Despite the rain I finally got the chair finished.

It took a few more days than I had hoped but FINALLY I got the chair for the French Bedroom painted and the cushion covered to match the curtains.

This was taken thru the french doors of the little summer rain shower we had yesterday afternoon...Literally minutes after I finished applying the final coat of paint to the chair on the front porch.

This is the chair before...It is one of those pieces of furniture that has been knocking around the house since before we got married...Meaning I have no idea where it came from to begin with, but I have always loved the shape and style of it and knew one day I would have use for it.

Another pic of the finished product...
Now I just have the throw pillows to go and the room is complete.

Today we are heading into Walmart for a Dora the Explorer Birthday party so I doubt I will get much done in the way of projects today....But one can hope.

Have a great Saturday.

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