Friday, October 1, 2010

Be Still My "Heart Cage"

A couple of weeks ago while visiting one my favorite antique stores "Vicki and Fred's New and Used Furniture" with hubby I came across an amazing heart shaped bird cage and floor stand...It stood about the same height as me 5"4'...It was so lovely and I wanted it sooooo much, but after discussing it with hubby we both decided that a large metal floor stand and a 2yr old were not a good combo in any house.

So at the store it stayed *sad*...but I could not stop thinking about it...And then happened upon one on a random blog and it was like a sign...I just had to have that heart shaped cage and stand...I even worked out that if we were to place it on the front porch, it would not only look perfect, but would not be such a temptation for Lil Sara to pull it onto herself.

The very next chance we got, hubby and I headed down to the store to buy the cage...Oh so sad I was when Fred told me he had sold it 2 days earlier...But here is the real kicker...It had been in the store for 3 YEARS....arggggg.

All was not lost though...Tucked away on top of a dresser was a miniature version of the heart cage...And I guess Fred felt bad for me because he reduced the price by 30% and let me have the table top heart cage and stand for just $10.

Couldn't wait to get home and remove the dusty vines.

This is how it looked when I first got home...Super cheap looking plastic ivy...the florist foam was crumbling and it was all caked in dust....the little quail on the inside was very cute but not the right scale for such a small cage...So I very quickly removed everything to expose the lovely cage and stand underneath...

I switched the Dollar Tree bird from my other large birdcage with the oringinal Quail...
Not sure he will stay in here either, was just trying him for scale.

The stand is a touch over 18inches tall, and the cage is 8x8.5 inches....I have not decided what color to paint it yet...Though the current colors match my Robert Juniper Print in the living room, I do not think the styles are a good match...Mic suggested pink and it live in her room (she is out of luck because she has no where to put it in her room), I am leaning towards white paint of course and switching it for the large cage in the guest room... Then hanging the large cage on the front porch, which was the original plan for it when I first painted that one....For now I am just glad to have my "Heart Cage"


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mo said...

Funny how things work out. huh? Beautiful birdcage. I do not think I have ever seen any in the shape of a heart before. I am happy all worked out for you! *hugs*

Amanda@RelovedRubbish said...

I love birdcages and this one is adorable! What a great find! It does look much nicer without the plastic ivy :)

Kari said...

So cute! what about painting it Oil Rubbed Bronze? Love that! Anything you decide will look amazing though!

Carol Lewis said...

Hi sis love the bird cage, the big one sounded lovely to. Let me see the finished results. love you lots carol

Anonymous said...

Your birdcage is so lovely, I especially love the shape. BTW, thanks so much for stopping by my blog and sharing a lovely comment about my Halloween mantel...means so much:)