Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Off to an early start...

Have to say how impressed I was Monday morning at 6.30am to hear rumbling of a truck over at the work site dropping of a large dirt/diggy machine (yup getting technical now...hey what do you expect, I am an artist not a machine identifier)...Then once the sun was up the dirt began to arrive...Truck after Truck after Truck full...Amazing how much dirt is needed...Turns out the hole left in the foundation was for the truck to be able to drive in and dump the dirt...(well duh Kelsie)

By the time they wrapped it up for the day my future house pad looked like a giant sandbox. lol...Picture taken from the NE corner..As you can see in the background we still have Uncle GB's old carport to tear down.

The plumbers were also over at the site and used a mini dirt/diggy machine to create the trench all the way to the well and hook it up...So now they have water on the site which I am sure will make it much easier for them.

Not sure what the game plan for today is, but it is 7.26am and I can already hear the dump truck delivering more dirt....One of the biggest challenges seems to be keeping Nadia off the site...She is very curious about everything going on over there and spends most of her day "supervising" the action...Do they sell doggy hard hats?

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