Friday, January 15, 2010

Foundation Laid and Last Chance for Kitchen Changes

By lunchtime yesterday the foundation was laid...Not sure what the purpose of the gap is at the side but I know it is supposed to be there...Either today or Monday they will begin filling the interior with dirt, at some point the plumbing etc will be added and once that is all finished the slab will get laid over the top of the dirt.

Meaning I have this weekend only to decide if I would like to make any changes to the kitchen layout...I know I left it a little late but inspiration did not hit me until Wed night lol....I am thinking that instead of the galley style kitchen I would like to have a large floating island with breakfast bar...This would also allow us to turn the fridge and create space for a pantry to be added in the kitchen instead of around the corner in the utility room....I think it would also make the kitchen look more modern and custom...and after all if I am having custom cabinets built, they should LOOK custom instead like they are just "out of the box"

I think you can all tell which way I am leaning about the kitchen huh ;)

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