Saturday, January 23, 2010

At the end of week 2....

Wow it is hard to believe it is just 2 weeks since we broke ground...So much seems to have happened in such a short amount of time..Though it still is not moving quick enough for me...I want walls and fixtures and painting and MOVING IN to begin...yesterday lol.

Thursday nothing really happened on site since we had pouring rain and tornado watches all day...The wind just blew and blew and all in all a very unproductive day....Except the inspector did come by and look at the plumbing...Then took issue with my bathroom floor drains...After much mulling and discussion and thinking about our options...We found a solution we can all live with...I will not go into it...Just happy that come Monday the plumber will return to correct the problem and we can get on with pouring the slab (weather permitting) ASAP.

Friday Carl and his crew were back to close out the gap in the foundation wall and frame out the front porch...Can't wait to see those cement trucks start arriving next week...One more step closer to the dream.

The electrician was also out on Friday to rough in the power running to the kitchen island and the "fridge wall"....I can't properly express how excited I am to see how this kitchen turns out.

Talking of electric, the engineer from the power company came by and marked out a few small trees David needed to remove before Monday morning so they can come hook up the temp power pole.

So with that and a few other small jobs to do, David got out his gardening tools and did some yard work on his day off...

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