Monday, January 14, 2013

The flock

Are you sick of the chickens and the coop yet?
Promise to not share any more chicken posts after this one, until some serious painting and decorating has happened in the coop *grin*

After being "cooped" up all day yesterday, I let the girls our to roam in the yard today.

They are not sure what to make of it, as their old coop was in a wooded area and here they are in the open...The "yard" area is actually the smaller goat/dog pen and also has another small house in it, that will be used short term to separate the goats during kidding...and become the feed store house long term.

Talking of goats, Sarah Goat (on the left) and Boots are very curious why I am in the small goat yard and they are not...They know the grass is greener in here...literally...we have been keeping them out of here so when we separate during kidding the goats in here will have some good grazing.

The HenPals Nest Box from are currently sitting on top of the an old desk, which doubles as a good place for the ducks to sleep under....As you can see they seem to have adapted quickly and have been coming and going from the new coop all morning...fingers crossed...I would really prefer not to have to trim wings.

Once they are fully settled they will have full range of the back grazing fields..where-ever the goats can roam, so too shall the chickens.

Blessings Kelsie


Dreaming said...

Love the coop.... sigh... some day!

On Crooked Creek said...

Looks as if very soon you'll be having fresh "scrambled eggs"!!! Nice seeing the chickens and the ducks. I still can't get over how they sleep on those skinny branches...I'd fall off!!!
I'll be back to see "Chicken Coop Decorating 101"!!!