Monday, January 21, 2013

Creating a workspace...

I am in the process of removing all my crafting and doll clutter to make the space into a mini Photography studio...I love doing outside photo shoots but I also love doing babies and the wee ones and they require an indoor space...and after 10 months of setting up and breaking down in the family living area I thought it was time to officially reclaim my space...Evicted hubbies computer desk and sorting thru my sewing supplies.

(pull back using kit lens at 18mm)
To make sure the space would even work, I put up a make shift backdrop stand using my tripods and a curtain rod (this setup will be used tomorrow for a cake smash too lol.
The floor lamp contains 3 "daylight" bulbs and has my defuser panel hung in front of it.
My studio umbrellas and lights plus backdrop stand are due to be delivered next week.

The Wee One agreed to help me test it...I used my 50mm for this shot..Definitely need the 35mm for this space...So that is also due to arrive next week.

Promise to share more photos as I get the rest of the space set up with a work table (for creating hair pieces, props and framing) and of course my computer will finally be moved from the dinning room and into my space...might even make an open/closed sign for my door lol.

Blessings Kelsie


On Crooked Creek said...

I love that you are re~working your space to fit your photography needs!!!
"Mr. Ed" cut the legs off a bookshelf in Studio One today. Once the glue dries (to hold a piece of trim to keep the magazines from sliding)...I'll be painting it to create the updated look.
Our lives take various turns along our journey...glad you're making the needed changes to adjust in yours!!!
P.S. Sara is lookin' mighty fine in her test shot!!!

Marissa said...

Hello! I have been reading your sweet blog!!! love your country life!! must be fun to wake up each morning to the roosters!! ha ha...
Studio looks nice! said...

Kelsie, I've loved watching you develop your photography into a blooming business and it is awesome! You take lovely shots. It's a great thing that your country setting is so great for photos, but having a place for controlled indoor shots is nice too.

So proud of you!