Monday, December 31, 2012

Covering the dinning room chairs.

 Started to recover the new dinning room chairs today...discovered a total of 4 different fabrics included the floral...I removed the top 3 cut a new piece of foam and covered in the green striped fabric.

Total cost...$0
The table and chairs were free and the fabric and foam I had in my crafting stash from other projects
ActuallyI brought the stripes 3yrs ago to cover the old dining chairs but hubby never quite got around to painting them for I am glad he did not...LOVE these ones and the color is perfect together lol

The charming fabric choice.
Floral...Cow print??...Something in a cover the original...ummm beige.

The bottom is my choice: The Classic Striped.

Can't wait to have enough money to pay off the large China Cabinet that matches this set.
My dinning room is finally starting to "grow up"


On Crooked Creek said...

These chairs are lovely in the green stripe fabric!!! They go perfectly with the paint choice!!!
A new China cabinet???
Looks as if 2013 holds some wonderful possibilities in store for you!
Have a Happy New Year, Health & Prosperity, dear friend!!!

Michelle said...

The chair fabric is perfect. Can't wait to see the finished room. I know it will be lovely.