Wednesday, May 30, 2012

it's the little things...

I have been sadly neglecting this blog...So involved in learning the new DSLR camera and all that is involved with starting my own Portrait Photography business, other things have fallen to the side.

The photography not the only reason, but definitely a big is Facebook...I told hubby yesterday, I need to get off Facebook and back to blogs...Facebook distracts me, blogs inspire me.

So here I am with a quicky update.

Gardens look sad this yr, no rain for months and no money for even a new plant...Beryl took care of the rain over the weekend, and we spent two glorious days watching the rain fall and the fields turn green before our eyes...Praise the Lord...It is raining again now even as I type...YAY there might even be hay in the barns around the area this year.

Many of my to-do projects have come to a halt also due to lack of funding and/or help with the heavy lifting.

But one that did get done yesterday...After 2yrs in the house, we now have a towel rail in the girls bathroom!!!


Lil Sara and her helper putting up the new towel rail.

For awhile I had a hook board hanging on the wall, but lil Sara tugged to hard on her towel one too many times and finally it gave way from the wall and almost hit her in the head...Hmm time to re-think this...So 2 weeks of the towels getting thrown over the sink by the girls, grated my nerves enough that Sunday night I told hubby if we have to take out a morgage on the farm, we WILL put up a proper rail in there.

So off to Walmart and another WOOT WOOT...They had all the Better Home Bathroom decor stuff on clearance...So for 1/2 of what we expected to pay, TAAAAA DAAAAAA towel rail...We even forked out for a matching handtowel ring for next to the basin.

Blessings Kelsie

3 comments: said...

I with you on trying to reduce distractions. But, blogging is part of my reading/writing regiment. However, I'd love to get back to my guitar lessons and intend to do that THIS week!

There's always so much to do and never enough time to do everything I'd like. But, staying focused is difficult.


On Crooked Creek said...

I've been missing your blog posts!!! So~o~o good to have you back! Sometimes it's the "little" things that make life run more smoothly! Great bargain find! $ale price$ are alway$ the be$t!!!

Dar said...

I understand the distractions thing. I'm just glad to be getting out of the house again, winter is far too long up north. Your lil Sara is a-dor-able, I must say. A tug here, a tug there, a hug here, a hug there...sweet thang! I also know the budget distress. We are newly retired and finding new struggles but aim to succeed in reworking it. Do you know how difficult it is to go from a payday twice a month to once?>>>grrrr
Smiles and giggles intercepting.