Friday, May 25, 2012

Head for the hills.

This past weekend we headed for the hills to spend a fabulous 4days with Farmer Browns family...

 The ride from lil Sara's point of view...She took this from her seat with my cellphone.

This was our first visit to the mountains since I was pregnant....A 9hr drive with a young child (and dog) is so much fun :)

 View from the back porch...

As you can see, the views are just awful

Sara being forced to spend time in the hot tub with the mountain views.

And absolutely nothing to do all day...

But seriously...
We had a wonderful time visiting,spending time together and watching the 3 cousins getting to know each other for the first time.

We also visited Meeks Park in Blairsville GA to do a family photo session...

It certainly is a challenge to photograph your own family session lol...Sadly Big Daughter could not make the trip as she had to work...We missed her so much.

My BIL's wife was nice enough to take a couple of photos of Farmer Brown, Lil Sara and myself...I know how much she hated using my new Canon camera...I actually thought I was going to have to mug her to get it back..

Of course the long drive home was full of pit stops for child and dog....This Burger King was great for Sara to run off some of her pent up energy after 6hrs in the car and we were able to let Rocky sit in the shade outside the fence while we all ate...he even got his own burger.

No big plans for this weekend, just putting up all the veggies I harvested yesterday and maybe even unpack the suitcase hehe....Hope yall have a wonderful long weekend.

Blessings Kelsie

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Katherines Corner said...

Kelsie, that view is lovely. A wonderful place to make happy memories. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop and for your bloggy friendship xo

Dar said...

What a wonderful, relaxing time you had. I love the Mts. and see them so little, living way up north in WI. It is a different beauty here, and very green right now but full of mosquitoes, our state bird...ha!
You have a beautiful family.

Dreaming said...

I adore the family photo! Nice job BIL's wife!
It looks like you had a wonderfully, relaxing time - well, except for that drive. I don't envy you for that! Did you have to go through Atlanta? That is one of my all time, most hated things to do! said...

It is so nice to get away and to enjoy the change, while you can.

Looks like a beautiful family there!