Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Around the Farm update....

I know I have kinda been neglecting my farm related updates...Not because I am neglecting the "farm" but because I am trying to juggle all my regular chores, the extra attention needed for Rocky and trying to get my ducks in a row for the photography...so anyway here is a quicky off the top of my head update.

Thursday afternoon we are head over to visit Callview Sheep Farm to get a tour and meet some lambs...This is a double duty trip because we are going to be looking at their set up and what it takes to raise hair sheep...possibly adopt a bottle baby 4month old lamb who is to small for breeding and needs to be culled from the herd...Plus looking at the new born lambs for me to borrow for my Easter Photo Booth next month...so it is both farm and photography related...excited much?? you better believe I am...Will be sure and take a camera :)

Oh our boy Rocky...Snapped this photo of him last night with my phone...he has 2 favorite toys...the chicken "dolly" shown and a pink Disney Princess ball he has laid claim too...such a manly dog lol....He has also been a little naughty about chasing cats and chickens still...and yesterday to be honest I was ready to find him a new home...Instead...He (we...the entire family) will begin Dog Obedience classes next Thursday....Then if (when) those have been completed and we are all bonded and well trained we can think about going to a sheep herding clinic later in the year...Here's hopin'

Chickens are still laying well and roaming our 5acres and the neighboring 55 acres of hay field...truly free range chickens at our house...Bless her little heart, yesterday Sara was so excited to find 8 eggs in the nest she came running back to the house to show me...stumbled up the steps, scrapped her knee and egged my front porch...OH how she cried over those broken eggs...she did not even care about her bloody knee...that girl is a true farmer.

Hubby has already put 150 corn seeds in the starter trays...we have about 20 pks of organic tomato seed that was given to us to also get started....also cucumber, squash (zuc) and peppers...think I am going to plan to just keep to these basics this yr with a few herbs thrown in for good measure....oh and lots of onions...I think hubby plans to put them in the ground tomorrow.

Poor hubby has mountains of trees to put thru the wood chipper (Nancy) and still plenty more clearing to do.

Not sure where our fencing budget lies right now...or if hubby is going to talk with the neighbor about this project or not...Sometimes you just got to stop asking because the non-commital answers of the other party is likely to drive you nuts.

I would be so happy if we could get the feed shed and new chicken coop built...Maybe the photography $$$ will help get this project under way...it really just requires the wood to build the frame because I would like to recycle the materials we are pulling off of the old barn...slowly slowly.

ummm I think that is about it...the front gardens are a mess, my herb garden is stripped bare....why??...one words...CHICKENS....Oh how I dream about fences lol.

Blessings Kelsie


Nancy K. said...

I can relate to this post on SO many levels Kelsie!

First of all, I want to congratulate you on not having a knee jerk reaction to Rocky's aggression with other species and just getting rid of him! Good for you for investing the time and effort to help him become a well behaved farm dog! I wish there were more people like you.

My heart just BREAKS for poor little Sara! She had to be so proud to be bringing you those eggs. Please give her a big HUG from me!

I also loved my free ranging chickens (and hope to get some once again) but they certainly are destructive to gardens and ornamental plants! It seems you have to fence off just about everything that you value or the little devils will destroy it. Good luck with yours!

dr momi said...

Oh I can just see Sara tripping and egging your porch. I know just how she felt! ....you're not really going to start 20 packs of organic tomato seeds are you :-)

Dreaming said...

Poor Sara! I can just see it all so clearly.
It sounds like you have a few challenges with the chickens, Rocky and the garden!

KathyB. said...

Fences, a true need for any home , family, farm, raising any form of livestock. You need to keep animals in and many predators out. Fencing has always been our Achilles Heel, my husband not a big fan of, my sheep & chickens, our dogs, and now our home have all been victim to predators. The animal & the human forms.

The chickens though, no more free-range. They have eaten or scratched to death so many plants and much of our landscaping. Plus, they love our garden produce too.I like giving our chickens a big pen to live & play. They are safe from our dogs and predators, we get the eggs.

I like your blog and love to read of others doing their best to raise food and livestock for their families.

Cindy@OldTimePickers said...

You have a lot on your plate. Such is the life when one embraces the country life. It's satisfying and tiring. It appears that you are getting a lot accomplished.