Friday, December 30, 2011

Cow Sitting and other farmish stuff.

Christmas is finally over at our house, so I guess it is time for a farming related update.

This is Buddy the Bully Calf, he lives around the corner and I have been looking after him while his ppl family went camping for a couple of days...It really was no trouble, just make him a bucket of milk twice a day...He thinks he is a big puppy and is very sweet...Very good practice for when we branch out in this direction of meat raising...I tried to get more photos to share but he would not take his head out of the milk bucket.

Sadly Sally Chicken whom we have been Doctorin' since the 5th of Dec took a turn for the worst on the 28th and yesterday morning I knew she was not going to make it when I took her cat carrier outside and opened the door and she just sat there and looked at me...By 10am she was gone...We gave it our best shot and how many Chickens get to sleep inside for the last 24days of their life.

Happy chicken news...all three of my remaining Easter Eggers are now laying...It really is nice to look out the window and see so many happy hens and Bravo roaming around scratching in the dirt all day.

Goats are looking super fat again...We have had a couple of cold nights so I gave them extra bedding which they promptly ate by the time the sun came up...Silly goats.

The fall garden is looking good, the broccoli had tiny heads starting on it...Hope it continues to do well...The various lettuce and cabbages are showing signs of growth, I need to go and spread around some more cow pooh I think.

Not really farm related but still outside, my sweet inlaws brought us a load of rocks for Christmas...Actually Flagstones to do the path in front of the house...I just know it is going to look gorgeous.

Blessings Kelsie

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Dreaming said...

I think there is nothing sweeter than calves. My grandfather used to buy 4-6 calves each spring to improve his herd. When I visited I always loved helping when it came to feeding time.
I'm sorry about Sally Chicken. I am such a softy that type of thing is very upsetting! But... I guess it is just a part of farm life.
I can't wait to see the flagstone path!

dr momi said...

We tried raising two steers at different times. Got them to about 1 year old and it just became too hard for me. (an semi-dangerous for this rookie) Sold them right then and there. I never tried again.

I'd take flagstone for a Christmas present anytime!!!

Michelle said...

Sorry to hear about your chicken. I would love to have a cow. I just can't seem to talk my husband into it.

Mike said...

When I was young we bottle raised calves. I remember one named Bruce. He was the biggest, spoiled steer you'd ever want to see. Used to play tag with us.

rosie said...

There is nothing nicer than bucket fed calves.... I don't think I could ever rear them to eat though..
So sorry your chook died... they are really not very tough little creatures, but they are cute!!
Wishing you a safe and happy New Year, and a wonderful 2012.xx

On Crooked Creek said...

What has become of us??? You are baby bull calf sitting..."Mr. Ed" and I are "granddog" sitting! Guess they need someone to care for them in the absence of their owners! Thanks for the updates! Have a Happy New Year, dear friend!

Katherines Corner said...

cow sitting! I love it! Smooches and hugs and happy new year wishes!

Jocelyn said...

He's a handsome boy, that one. Such innocent, sweet eyes.

I'm sorry to hear about your chicken.