Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2.0

The Day after Christmas when everyone else was taking down their tree I was putting one up...Why you ask?

Hubby brought me home the new tree I have been wanted for the last couple of yrs...YAY hubby... Courtesy of the 50% after Christmas Sale on all Christmas Decor at Walmart...He also got me more outdoor lights but I did refrain from putting those out this yr.

The Tree is 6.5 ft, 600 tips and pre-strung with 400 white lights...arrrrr also looks much more natural than the old tree...and I know ppl are thinking if I want it to look natural, why not go word ALLERGIES...

And yes I honestly did put this baby up on Dec 26th and with the help of Lil Sara decorated it just so (though I do need to fluff the branches a little more)...Why such madness?? because tonight my MIL and FIL arrive and tomorrow my BIL and his wife and we will be celebrating Christmas 2.0.

So on that note I need to go clean my house and wrap the rest of the Christmas presents lol.

Blessings Kelsie


Dreaming said...

Merry Christmas! It doesn't have to be just about "The Day"! Have a wonderful second celebration with your family!
Love the tree!

Mary Ann said...

Don't feel bad, I, too, wondered about getting a tree on sale this year after Christmas... I hope you have a wonderful 2.0 celebration!

Karen said...

Great present-hiding-stealth maneuvers on your husband's bicyle. I bet he was stunned.

Love the new Christmas tree, too. What a lot of work, though! May you enjoy Christmas 2.0.

Glenda said...

How fun! Starting all over again. I can't bring myself to take mine down just yet - I'll wait 'til New Year's Day.

Enjoy Round 2 of Christmas!

dkshopgirl said...

Hi Kelsie
Best wishes for a lovely season for you and your family. I think your new tree is fab. They should put all those jolly sales on BEFORE Xmas though! then we'd all have an extremely merry one :-)

ciao x Deborah.