Monday, November 7, 2011

Which one do I keep??

Playing with the zoom on the Nikon L120

So I purchased the Nikon L120 on the weekend and now have the task of comparing it's photos side by side with the Nikon 5700....I have 30 days from purchase to return it if I do not what this one...It is a tough choice...

The 5700 is more of a bridge camera and has easy to understand (for me at least) menu settings since they are the named the same on my old Nikon 990 that I also has more features than the L120...Better looking and more logical buttons (again could be because it is similar to the 990)...and I prefer the way the card and battery compartment are separate, making the card easier to remove..(I use a card reader not cables to remove files from my camera to computer)

BUT it was made in 2002 (though is in really good condition...I know and trust the person whom I could buy it from)..It comes with no warranty at all.

The L120 is a point and shoot... It comes with 14megapixels v's the 5 on the 5700...the L120 has 21x zoom v's the 8x zoom of the 5700...It comes of course with a 1 yr warranty...and has a fun continuous sports capture option....The settings are all pre-programmed which makes me feel like I have less control of my images...They do not use real photograph terms like Macro etc, but layman terms like close-up and it will take me awhile to work out what all 20 of these new names mean and the type of images they can produce...The battery door is similar to the 990 door that broke from wear and tear on my first 990, and since the memory card is also in this compartment this door is going to get used A LOT.

Now the biggest questions is will the L120 produce photos with so much better quality as to warrant me spending the extra $150 price difference....

28 days left to figure this out....Tomorrow I am going to be taking photos of a cute little baby boy, I will use both cameras and compare the results side by I am play with them outside and trying to work out comparable menu settings.

If only I had $1500 to spare I could just skip all this and get the D300 hehe.

Blessings Kelsie


Anonymous said...

yes agree on the D300 ;)....good luck with your choice....I would skip this new one though if its sounding complicated....guess we will see the results! J xx

Dreaming said...

Since I use a 6 or 7 year-old camera, I am certainly no expert! As long as it takes a pictures when I push the button, I'm happy!

Michelle said...

Which one do you feel more comfortable with. If you not happy with what you use.,you won't use it as much. Plus still be out there looking for something eles

Glenda said...

Kelsie, it is time for me to buy a new camera and I keep looking on-line at the comparisons. I'm not sure how important all those extra megapixels are. My ancient FujiFilm 1400 had much better closeup quality than any I have had since and it was very low megas. I have a 14 mega point and shoot Sanyo right now that I would love to throw out the window sometimes because I take a lot of closeups for the vintage jewelry I sell. Give your readers a "review" when you've made up your mind, lol.