Saturday, November 19, 2011

Final Count - First Egg

Thursday night we were able to go back and pick up the rest of the chickens we wanted from the neighbors house...A little sad as they are getting rid of their turkeys also, but we are just not ready to accomodate them just yet and being so close if we let them just roam loose they would return from wence they came...

Final Chicken Count:
2 Wyandottes
4 Road Island Reds
5 Easter Eggers (4 hens - 1 Rooster)

Plus the 3 I already had(Bravo and 2 White hens).

Giving me a grand total of 14 Chickens (12 hens and 2 roosters)..Oh My!!

I am going to divide the chicken coop in half.
Put the Reds in with Bravo and the 2 white girls, creating 2 separate flocks.
This will allow me alternate letting them our to roam during the day, but keeping the roosters separated, also come spring I would much prefer to know that "if" I can get one of the Easter Eggers to sit on a clutch that the off spring will be from the right rooster.

I am very happy to say yesterday we got our first egg from the new comers...Pretty sure it was from a Red...Farmer Brown aka Hubby, is really excited to see a green one and see if they taste different...I must admit I am pretty curious myself.

Right now I only have 2 nesting boxes so need to rectify this issue as well...We really had not planned to get any more chickens until the spring and had hoped to have the new coop built first...But hey, the fun of country life is not always knowing what to expect, right??

Blessings Kelsie

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Mike said...

Double and tripled your chicken count overnight. I've only eaten brown, as a teenager, and white eggs. I didn't care for the brown one's. Actually, I think they were free range, too and me being a stubborn teenager I didn't want anything to do with change. ;)

Now then, Dr. Seuss knows all about green eggs.

Carol said...

The green eggs don't seem to taste
any different to the other's,then that is just my thoughts.

love Carol

Dreaming said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. Some day I'll get my chickens!

Tombstone Livestock said...

Green eggs will taste the same as white or brown will just be a little smaller.

Glenda said...

Kelsie, when we had about 14 laying hens, we had 10 nesting boxes. They only used two. Seems that they just took turns - we would have anywhere from 5 to 7 in each box daily. Good luck with the hens. I really miss my hens and having ready made eggs right out my back door.

On Crooked Creek said...

Sounds as if your flock is continually growing!..and eggs fresh everyday! I'll be watching for photos with names when time allows!Until then...I'll take mine scrambled, please!

Karen said...

Great way to increase the flock. Having two roosters myself, I'll be tuning in to see how yours get along. Mine are siblings, but destined to be Thanksgiving dinner. I've just had it with the crowing and the fighting, and they make the 'girls' so nervous, too.

I love the variety of chickens you have, so many pretty ones. And I've never noticed a difference in the flavor of different colored eggs either. (I wish my brown eggs were chocolate ones!)

Patty said...

Congratulations on that first egg! We've just started getting eggs from our new flock in the last two weeks, and it's always exciting when they start coming. Thanks for your compliment of my blog in your post a few days ago! I love your journal. It's fun to have something special to write in - I think it helps me to actually use it if it's a bit more special than just a plain old notebook. :) Happy Thanksgiving week!

Pat said...

Oh boy - between you and me, we've got a lot of roosters!

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