Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Farm Journal...Unexpected Blessings.

This week I was inspired by two lovely ladies...One an old friend (and a hero of mine) Kari and one new friend, Patty ..

Kari, is like an organized, homeschooling, artist, CEO, motivated woman super hero and has taught me so much with her fun journaling photographs, lists, and sticky notes.

And Patty with her "Homestead Diary" posts on her blog, showing me what I really should be keeping records off and how to put them into words that make sense to us "new farmers".

AND that has motivated me to finally crack open the journal I purchased the same week the goats came home and make use of it.

So here we have it, my Farm Journal...

Each month has a calendar overview at the beginning, I will record reminders of upcoming animal shots, vet visit etc...Post-its have stuff I need to research farther...

Inside each month I will record, daily diets for animals, health updates as needed, garden needs, and that kind of thing...Today's entry was not written at the time I took this photo and had a lot on it...I might need to think about upgrading to a bigger journal before I get to far into the entries and have to copy them over.

One of the reasons for such a long entry today was the unexpected expansion of our flock of chickens....Our wonderful neighbors needed to thin out theirs and asked us to choose who ever we want and as many as we want because otherwise they are going to the auction.
OMGosh...*happy chicken momma dance*

How could I not take the 3 Araucona hens and Rooster??
At least that is what I think they are called...My neighbor told me they lay green eggs (which was my guess as soon as I laid eyes on them)...I was planning to order some "Easter Eggers" come spring so this just speed up my dream a little.

The moment I saw the B&W girls, I knew I had to have them...My neighbor thought them to be Barrocks but I think they could be Wynodottes?..Well whatever you call them, they sure is pretty.

Bravo was not happy to see a new man in the coop...And they spent the next hour or so fronting up thru the fence at each other...

I think I will keep that fence between them for a few days at the very least....

Tomorrow I will go and get 3 more hens...Road Island Reds...They will join Bravo's girls...So maybe he will be not so threatened once he and the new Rooster have the same number of girls each lol.

Blessings Kelsie

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luckybunny said...

Very good thing to keep a farm journal! I write all sorts of things in mine that are good to look back on. Of course, sometimes I completely forget but I try not to :) Congrats on the new chickens too! I agree, how could you not take them?

Teresa said...

Nice to have the new chicks. Be warned that rooster that are put together often will never get along, and they will fight to the death. Hope it works out.

The journal is a very good idea. It's always good to have records to go back over.

gtyyup said...

You have a nice flock of chickens...we're down to four and have been contemplating getting a few more. I'm afraid the current chickens won't like the new ones and fight...chicken fights are nasty. How do you prevent that?

kpaints said...

What a wonderful flock of chickens! They are all so pretty. I only have three but some of your new ones would sure look nice with my girls! I guess I will be looking for some more this spring. How many do you have?

Kelsie From Our Country Home said...


I will divide the coop yard into two, and alternate letting the flocks out of the pen each day...This will keep the roosters separated but still allow each flock the chance to be somewhat "free-range"

I am not to worried about the hens to much, they will squabble until the order is established and as long as no-one is singled out by the rest they should integrate pretty well.(The new reds with my existing whites)

The roosters are my main concern...Bravo has been our only boy for over 3yrs and is a BIG boy...though ironically the new guy seems to be the agitator...Worst case is he gets sent back from wence he came...but that would be sad because it would be nice to raise my own easter egg chicks.

Blessings Kelsie said...

Your blog journaling also helps tremendously --- at least it does help me a lot. I am so excited you got all those chickens --- even roosters are great when you have some land! Such a great variety.

More and more fun, it's growing!


rosie said...

Love your chicken stories Kelsie.. good luck with all your new additions. Everyone should have a chook in their family, they are such great pets as well as providers..
We have a farm diary to write things down, because we forget otherwise!!!