Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Evening Chores

With the days growing shorter (and cooler) the evening chores need to be done earlier...and since hubby works till 7.30pm 2 nights a week it is now up to me and Lil Sara to see that they get done before the sun goes down on those days...

Poor lil poppet really wanted to pet one of the chickens but they were just not having it...She is really missing Leo chicken who loved to be petted and hand feed...I told her come spring we will get her some new chickens to raise up nice and friendly.

We picked the goats some Sorghum stalks to nibble on as their evening snack...We had to keep them penned up all day because the wind was coming in from the NE and littering their grazing area with Wild Cherry leaves...Boots thinks they are candy despite them being toxic to goats...I can't wait until all the leaves are done falling and I can quit worrying about it for the year.

Other news, Big Daughter has a second round job interview at Walmart today...Please pray for her, employment is super hard to find in our area...We are still trying to find a viable and affordable option for our internet, until we do I am still limited on usage...I miss joining the parties and visiting all your blogs...I also owe many of you replies...I was lucky enough to get Pink Eye last week and got behind with my I am playing catch up...Just know I appreciate each and every comment.

Blessings Kelsie


Dreaming said...

I haven't heard 'poppet' in ages. How cute! And that's what she is!
She just needs to sit down with that bowl in her lap. Those silly hens will learn to love her then!
We have issues with red maples. The leaves are toxic to horses. I was actually picking up leaves in their pasture the other day. I had even thought about vacuuming, but then the snow came and wet them enough that they didn't blow around.
I have become so dependent on adequate Internet service. I'd suffer if I couldn't get on readily and have decent speed. Yep, I'm spoiled!
I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Big D. So many of my friends have children who are struggling to find any sort of job. Good luck!

On Crooked Creek said...

I'm still enthralled by your photography!!! Being a Army wife, I know, to well, the chores that one does in their husbands absence. Pace yourself!

Mike said...

I dislike the time change, also. But, what can you do? Wonder why goats eat something that is poisonous? Just doesn't seem right. ;)

mississippi artist said...

I am glad I don't have outside chores to do at night. Your goats are getting fat- are they pregnant or just enjoying all you feed them?

Karen said...

Hi Kelsie, oh, the time change is awful...more darkness to live in for another bunch of months. Yuck. I hate it. But there's nothing to be done to change it, either.

I also am not fond of evening chores, especially after dark. Growing up on a dairy farm we had chores night and morning of course, but during the fall, especially November, it seemed so raw and chilly out.

I'm glad the goats are settling in and I loved your little poppet's costume for Halloween, how cute!

rosie said...

Lil Sara is a poppet.. I do hope her big sister is successful in her job application..
We are used to all sorts of hours chores around here!! LOL