Saturday, October 29, 2011

Trick or Treating @ Walmart.

Living in a rural setting can make things like Trick or Treating
Well...a little tricky.

We have a total of 4 neighbors on our 1 mile long road, 3 of which are set well off of the road behind closed gates...and one neighbor in the 5yrs he has lived down the road we have never actually met.

So I had not planned to bother with the whole thing this yr...Until our local Walmart decided to re-introduce the in-store Trick or Treat event again this year...At 9am this morning we had not even decided on a costume, a cow girl?? a princess?? Snow White?? (yes I know she is a princess too but there is a difference in the costume as any of you with daughters will know)

Then Sara's teacher commented to me on Facebook, she thought Sara would be going as Fancy Nancy, her very favorite story book character....DING DING DING...WE HAVE A WINNER!!!

The Walmart staff did an awesome job with arranging this community minded event...There was Story Time with Sheena...Who did a great job of keeping the kids occupied for almost an hour with her story telling skillz...She truly is a natural as she drew the kids in and got them involved....The Costume Contest had three age groups and was judged by a local law enforcement officer and 2 teachers from the Elementary School...Then Employee's stationed throughout the store gave out candy which we knew was safe for our kiddies to eat...

If the zonked out Fancy Nancy in the back of my car is any was a fun filled afternoon.

Thank you Chiefland Walmart Management and Staff...


Dreaming said...

What fun! She is a Fancy Nancy, indeed!
We're thinking we won't have trick or treaters this year... there are no kids right around us and we are in a somewhat rural area. Most kids will probably head to communities with homes close together, or to safe places, like the town trick or treat event.
Hooray for WalMart for doing this for the kids.

Anonymous said...

How adorable! It's nice to have a safe place for the kids to cruise for candy. Hugs to you and the princess. Love, Dawn

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, she is so cute! I'm glad she was able to go Trick or Treating! :)
Happy Halloween!
~ Zuzu

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

Sounds like a fun Halloween!

On Crooked Creek said...

What a wonderful, SAFE way for the children in your community to Trick~or~Treat! Fancy Nancy was a success, indeed!