Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Goat Pen - Step A COMPLETE

The game plan is to have the goats moved onto our property by next Thursday...Why then? Because that is when we will have the time to go pick them up....

So between now and then we have to...

A: Build a predator proof night pen - CHECK

B: Cut down cherry laurel trees close to the fenced area and make sure no stray saplings are sprouting where the goats can get to them...(hubby is working on this now)

C: Put up 200ft of goat/sheep fence to create a daytime grazing pasture area....(hopefully we can start digging fence post holes tomorrow morning)

D: Make a shelter inside night pen to keep the wind and rain off of the goats

E: Drive to Fort White and pick up Boots and Deenie

All this sounds pretty straight forward, but I want to remind you we work slowly and it is still HOT here....Plus we have a work schedule dictated by the mood swings of Princess Lil of whom...Time to get her from Daycare.

Blessings Kelsie


Karen said...

Hi Kelsie, looks like you have all bases covered, now on to the construction of fence phase. It's not hot here, but cold and wet and we're not getting anything done either.

Dreaming said...

At least you have a 'to do' list and know where you want to end up. Good luck!