Friday, September 23, 2011

Basket of Nuts

The nut collecting has begun.
I was a little worried we would get no pecans of off the tree in the front yard this year because of the number of branches that have come off during the afternoon thunderstorms this month....
I shouldn't have worried...20minutes in the front yard and Lil Sara and myself half filled the basket...We did not get to the driveway yet or under the larger pecan tree...I just hope they have a good amount of "meat" in them when I start shelling them for the freezer.

Would be very cool to be able to make our Thanksgiving Day sweet potato casserole from not just our own sweet potatoes but our own nuts too..

Blessings Kelsie

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Mike said...

We have a young pecan tree and the squirrels have no trouble loading up with nuts all day long. Everytime you see one it has a pecan in its mouth. ;)

On Crooked Creek said...

On Crooked Creek those pecans would become...pecan pie..."Mr. Ed's" favorite!

Candy C. said...

How fun to have pecan trees! We have one young walnut tree and it has SIX walnuts on it this year! :)

Darla said...

Oh yeah, pecan pie!!

rosie said...

Yum, fresh nuts.. We used to have a walnut tree but it was very old and died, reminds me, we must replant.. Enjoy your bounty!!

Glenda said...

Ahh - Fall is in the air. Now you're making me think of Thanksgiving! Yummy for the Sweet Potato casserole!

Dreaming said...

We used to collect pecans from a grove of trees near my parents. It started out as a fun excursion, but then... wasn't always so much fun ;-)

My dad got a wonderful nut cracker that usually left the pecans whole - although pieces of shell were known to fly all over the place!

Boho Farm and Home said...

How about some pecan pie with your own that sounds like heaven. Our pecan hasn't started to bare fruit, they are slow growers. How blessed are you to have fruit?
Have a great week!

mississippi artist said...

We love baked spiced pecans. If there is a good year I freeze tons, because maybe next year the crop won't be so good.