Friday, July 1, 2011

Today's harvest

Today I pulled up the yellow onions, tomorrow I will pull the red onions and the hedge of basil to make room in the garden bed to plant the sweet potato vines...Also pulled out the spent Bloody Butcher corn stalks so we could transplant a couple of good size pepper plants from the back field as they will be plowing under the old melon rows this week...If the plants don't make it, oh well we tried..

Blessings Kelsie


rosie said...

We haven't got much in our winter garden at the moment Kelsie, just some broccoli and cabbage plants that have been totally neglected! I do have spring onions etc, but they are there all the time and juct keep replacing. Nice to visit again. xx

Lana from Farm Life Lessons said...

Delicious goodness ready to be used!