Sunday, January 30, 2011

Village Bridge Artwork

While traveling to Orlando a couple of weeks ago, instead of taking the interstate and toll roads, we took Hwy 441, so both myself and eldest daughter could get a feel for that route when we need to drive it...I don't do interstate driving of any kind because I am a big chicken about merging and with eldest daughter now living in Orlando I need to know how to get there...Now if I could just get lil Sara to travel

Hwy 441 might take a little longer because of the lights, but it is a more direct route and much more scenic than the interstate and toll roads...As you can see by these photos...

While stopped at a red light I snapped these photos of the foot bridge...I am so enchanted by the way they painted it and the amount of detail included...Many of the bridges in this area were painted with themes, but this was the only one we stopped "just right" to get some good pix.

Even the bottom of the bridge was painted to resemble wooden planks...I look forward to the day we can actually stop and go shopping at the villages, but for now I will just have to admire the foot bridges as we drive by :)

Blessings Kelsie


House Revivals said...

That is just adorable. Love the balusters :)

mo said...

Hi Kelsie, I see you have another day in Paradise there in Floriday! The blue sky is just beautiful and the bridge is lovely too. *hugs*

On Crooked Creek said...

M~m~m~. . .I see a whole new category of post coming. "The Bridges of. . ." and I must say I am excited!!! The artwork and detailing of this arched bridge are amazing! Thank you for sharing.
P.S. Hint: Traveling with our boys at a young age, we used "books on tape". I know they are a thing of the past, but perhaps you could ask the library if they have something similar on CD to make a more enjoyable trip for lil Sara?