Friday, November 26, 2010

Company and Weather to be Thankful for...

One of the many blessings of living in rural Florida is the weather in November is just perfect to enjoy a Thanksgiving feast under the oak tree...It was a lovely 80 degrees with a soft breeze and of course the view did not hurt either :)

You may have noticed the table arrangement plans changed from my previous post...We still had the same tablescape, just changed location to eating outside to enjoy the lovely day...Also lil Sara decided to nap thru lunch, which I did not mind at all, allowed me to enjoy my meal lol

This week alone gave us so many things to be Thankful for...But mostly to be able to enjoy the company of David's family for a few days tops the list and we can't wait for the next visit...

We made the most of every minute they were here...David and his dad built a "horse swing" for little Sara and planted a huge gardenia by the house.

MIL and myself had time to squeeze in a wonderful shopping trip, including a mini antique mall where we both found treasures to take home...My treasure being 3 little teacups that inspired us to return home and have a lovely garden tea party with the girls which I will share photos of on Tuesday ;)

We then headed to Walmart to find lil Sara a dress for the upcoming family photoshoot...It was a delightful time with her being more than happy to try on and model each dress for not just us, but for several of the staff members also...Lots of lace, frills and princess spinning was had before the final decision to buy the lovely tulle layered gold dress.

Thanksgiving day David's oldest brother and his wife made the day trip from Orlando to enjoy a late lunch with us and then in the evening we all ate birthday cake to celebrate an early 75th Bday for FIL...We finished the day enjoying the view of the evening sky...Another blessing of rural life, once we turn off our house lights all you can see is the twinkling of millions of stars.

I hope everyone else's holiday was a blessed as ours.


Werna Gail said...

Family is the most important part and yes you were BLESSED...did you take your camera to the "fashion show"? What shop did you find your treasures in and where are the pictures? LOL!

Kelsie From Our Country Home said...

Can you believe we forgot to take the camera to the fashion show but at least we got to share the experience with Nanma...I am editing the pix of the treasure I found right now should post within the hour hehe...I found it at Big T's Antiques in Chiefland...and OH BOY did she have lots of amazing teacups...Some cute plate rakes also that I might have to go back for budget permitting hehe