Monday, November 15, 2010

This weeks TO DO list..

I have noticed so many of my favorite bloggers are in the kitchen baking up a storm or crafting the most gorgeous creations for the coming holidays...How could I not be inspired by yall?

This week we are (I am ) going to be busy around here.

I will be in the kitchen baking with my eldest daughter for Thanksgiving and getting our favorite soup prepared to go in the freezer to be used next week...Will try and share that recipe with yall :)

Main Thanksgiving menu is settled, now I just need to get the shopping done for it.

Preparing the house for company..Fortunately with the new house this is easy to do and leaves me free to just be excited they are coming and count down the days till they arrive. (8 more sleeps yay)

I have a very special craft project to work on with lil Sara.

And I am not sure if I will have time this week, but I am itching to get started on our homemade Christmas decorations for the inside tree using some of the amazing tutorials I have come across in blog land...Picked up pink spray paint and silver glitter last night...All other materials will be sourced from around the house or the great outdoors...Fortunately I have a pretty well stocked craft room for most any other pieces we might need...Finding them on the other hand can be a challenge lol...This yrs theme is going to be Pink/White/Silver homemade decorations.

I also need to find some nice fabric to make napkins to match the new dinner set...Walmart carries only one brand of napkins and none are the color I want and they are over priced too...I can make 6 to 8 at the same price or less than one of their 2 pks...I wish target was closer to us.

So I think that is my extras I need to get done this week...I am sure I will think of more as the day goes on lol.

How are your holiday preparations coming along?



stefanie said...

oh, I really cannot believe its Thanksgiving next week!!!! time is just flying by, and before we know it it will be New Years Day...eeeekk, thanks for the sweet comment, yes I am lucky its only for a week, and not moving out yet!

Werna Gail said...

I hate to bug you with this but I do not have your email and I do not know anyone else that lives in your you know if there are any antique shops or thrift stores in Trenton or Fanning Springs? Thanks for any help you can give me.