Sunday, November 28, 2010

Could This Be Our New Church?

Today will be our second time at the Pine Grove Baptist Church, our first visit was lovely and I honestly felt like I had "come home" but would like to attend a few more services before making a decision to move...Lil Sara had a wonderful time in the nursery which was full of other toddlers and since she is in desperate need of socialization this is a very good thing.

I am excited to see what the regular preacher is like as on our previous visit he was away and his son gave the sermon which was very good and spoke to my heart, I am hoping today will be the same...I was also warmly received by the members and did see a few familiar faces since most of our immediate (5mile radius) neighbors attend Pine Grove...It is only a 5 minute drive from our house v's the 15 minutes to our other of the many reasons for the change.

Yesterday was an exceptionally trying day with Lil Sara, whom got out of bed in a bad mood and was cranky and whinny all day...I am in desperate need of a spiritual lift this morning so today's service could be the deciding factor to if we have found a new home church.

I have also being "trying" to meditate on Psalms 91 during this rough spiritual season in my life though meditating on anything with a toddler demanding attention can be a challenge...For those of you praying for us, I thank you and ask you to continue to do so.

Blessings and Love

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Werna Gail said...

Hope all went well at church yesterday. I attend the Branford Church of God, and it is about a 25 min. drive for me. I know that is where God wants me so how can I complain? I will be praying for you and Sarah to have some really good fun times together. Todays events are tomorrows memories.