Monday, November 8, 2010

The joys of motherhood - the ramblings of a sleepy mummy

It is 12.42am here and I wish I was still snug in my bed...But as little ones are apt to do, lil Sara got herself a low grade fever suddenly this afternoon...With her runny nose and coughing it was not a complete surprise...not a happy occurrence by any means but not completely unexpected either.

The earlier fever broke around dinner time, I gave her a last breathing treatment and she dozed off to sleep at the reasonable time of 8pmish...then about 30 minutes ago she was coughing and flopping around in bed like a fish on the deck and sure enough SPIKE her temp was 100.0...I gave her another dose of a generic kiddy brand Pain Relief (so glad J&J still have not fixed the problem with childrens Tylenol *sarcasm*)...I also ponder why I have no Motrin in the house and make a sleepy mental note to try and remember to get some next shopping day....*yawn*

So why am I up...Because the Pain Relief did it's job and Sara's temp is slowly dropping (currently in 99.7)...she is in front of the tv watching Wow Wow Wubsy (I love NickJR for being on 24hours a day) and she is obviously feeling better since she was dancing to the Jukebox Robot...*sleepy sigh* it is going to be a long night before she is ready to go back to sleep again.

Anyway, here is hoping this is all just her back teeth trying to come in AGAIN...and it is all back to normal around here soon.

or at the very least she gets tired and I can go back to bed.

Update: We finally got back to bed around 2.30am...Have been back up again since 6.30am...She is still coughing but the temp spikes I hope are over...Will keep an ear on her chest to make sure it stays under control....I am hoping she will take a good nap today but at a convient time since I have to run Mic to work today as well as to drop off a job app for an actual paid job...Here's hopin'

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